Is disinvestment really that good for India or is a rethink in order?

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Praful said:   2 years ago
Why it is going in loss. Is it not governments responsibility to improve as per market?

Disinvestment is the only option?

It will cause to increase the goods cost to necessarythings. Reducing government jobs. And giving more power to private firms to create worst employment policies.

Manisha Yadav said:   1 decade ago
Disinvestment is good as it helps in listing of goverment enterprises on stock exchanges which will ultimately led to improvement in corporate goverance,higher disclosures levels which will bring transperency and accountability in functioning and adding market discipline to it.

Himanshu singh said:   1 decade ago
When disinvestment comes in a mind that obviously means the company or sector is going through losses because of competitors or some other aspects so it is better to divest than completely lost and make it useful in other beneficiary sectors.

Purushottam Vishnu Deshmukh said:   1 decade ago
Disinvestment policy is very harmfull to poor Indian as well as growth of inferastructure. This policy will establish monopoly of rich person. This is beganing of capitalist economy. Since it should be stop for general man.

David said:   8 years ago
Disinvestment is necessary to get rid of financial burdens of government in PSU's which are under-performers but it should not go to a level where everything is privatized because there are more poor people in India.

Sailesh said:   1 decade ago
Disinvestment is good to improve effeciency and operational abilities of the firms. It will leave the Government to focus more on its core responsibilities of public welfare and safety.

Sherlock said:   8 years ago
Disinvestment is instrument which is used well will certainly be benevolent for the economy but on the other side too much divestment will cause unfavorable monopoly in the market.

Pooja said:   9 years ago
Disinvestment in a controlled manner is good. As it will help the government to raise fund and bring in latest technology by making private players to contribute in GDP.

Sandeep said:   7 years ago
Yes, it is very useful to collect the money in this manner which will show impact on the welfare of the of people.

Abhihek said:   1 decade ago
It is a brilliant initiative being taken by government of India.

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