How demonetization is affecting common people more than black money holders?

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Bhim said:   5 years ago
According to me, if we talk about the people who are rich, having black money they even not affected a lot because they come with another solution for this issue. If we talk about the people which are middle class or in other words common people they have limited money. They suffer a little bit because they stand in the queue for money, many other problems that they faced.

If we talk about one more type of people who are living in the villages. They suffer a lot from this demonetization. One of my friend did the research study in the villages about the impacts of demonetization he get to know the result that people living in the villages don't have their bank account and they have some notes of 500 and 1000. How they exchange their money they even don't know what had happened in the country?


Sohail said:   5 years ago
Good morning all,

As we see that every coin has two faces so this is just like that.

From the common people point of view, it is of just like a change of clothes they have to suffer to bring the daily liabilities they have to stand in a queue to change their money and also they have to suffer from their boss to change his money otherwise they have to leave the job.

As we see from black money holders point to view they do not have to suffer because they have their servant to change their money also helpful in changing their black money into white.

So the result is very clear common people have to suffer in all circumstances.

Pratik said:   5 years ago
Behind the demonetization drive, the main aim was to minimize the corruption means minimize the no of black holders,

Demonetization has definitely affected middle-class people and poor families but in the short term only. While black money holder are affected in long term. In day to day activities and where they have to attend a marriage function and to organize special events or to build a home where one has to pay daily wages to a labour in cash. In all these areas people are much more affected in day to day life than black money holders. Demonetization basically occurred so that govt can have a good amount of black money and much black money holders are caught also due to it. And a large money has come to government many black money holders have do not put money in the bank and they ultimately have to waste his money.

And much black money holders went a sleepless whole night with the fear of getting caught in the eye of government Many black holders have some connection at the upper level and they deposited their money with the help of connectors and many people or black holders deposited their money through their servant and poor people. Hence they are not affected. They recovered their money back in form of new notes.

After the 4 months when the cash has flown in the market common people, got relieved but black money holder did not as they did not exchange money. And whatever the efforts they put into earning that entire money their efforts and all struggles got wasted. So black money hplders got a great lesson to not to cheat the country and when govt has got money from they can utilize for common people.

Pratik said:   5 years ago
Demonetization has cost the common people a lot. It did hamper the peace and tranquillity among people. People had to stand in front of banks and ATM's with thousand people standing in front of them. The people were told to submit all the 500 and 1000 rupees note to the bank within a stipulated time. People had jobs, but instead of going to do their job, they have a stand in line along with thousands of other people. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) gone done from 7% to 6.1%. Many lost their jobs. The common people were worried but the black money holders even threw bags of black money in the street and some even opened several bank accounts so that they could hide their black money. But the thing is, they won't go to the bank, they would obviously give the work to some common people who will stand in the line for them. It's always the common people who are affected.

Saloni V said:   5 years ago
Yes, obviously demonetization is one of the powerful aspect taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But although it has a huge impact on many people living in tribal areas or in urban. Like people have two faces in their life. This demonetization is also having 2 effects. One is by the sudden announcement of this act it has made the country to become corrupt free. And the second is that it had made many people in trouble especially middle-class people they need to stand in queue for collecting money to meet their daily liabilities. So, we need to go through this for making our country corrupt free.

Kavitha.S said:   5 years ago
Hi, I am Kavitha.

Yes, obviously demonetization will affect the common people more than black money holders.

Actually, demonetization is the best act for reducing the corruption which is introduced by our honourable Prime Minister of India. But It has so many demerits in it. It mainly affects the people who are arranging the marriage and the people who is having the money for making any functions and at the same time it is the waste of time for standing in the queue for changing the value but what to do we have to face such problem for making the country as corruptions. Whatever the problem may be the act of demonetization is the wonderful act for making the corruption free country.

Rakesh said:   5 years ago
Hello, everyone, this is RAKESH.

According to me, this is not about middle class suffered or black money holders but if we succeed in our aim then it doesn't matter because in taken such step to remove the biggest problem of India each and every person willing to do it.

But did we get success in what we suffered for?

Yes, it is right, middle-class people suffered more they have to be in the queue for exchanging their notes. There is people marriage function are organizing in their house so they collected money for that and then this decision comes how they change their money. The patient got suffered. Many things are there.

But think once is this is an easy for gov to take such big decision. They took it after thinking about it thousands of times yes there was implementation problem they should circulate 10, 20, 50, 100 notes but we should support gov we should appreciate gov for taking such decision so that in future gov can take such decision with improvement.

If we talk about black money holders definitely they were in tension at that time. They couldn't get proper sleep and many cases are their we caught people with money. Now black money holders reduced at great extent.

Abhishek singh said:   5 years ago
Good Morning to one and all.

As we know demonetization is one of the respected measures has been taken by our honourable Prime Minister Modi. Like two faces of the coin this measure also have two different effects.

The positive aspect is that this helps us to become a corrupt free country, it helps to remove terrorists and smuggling activity.

Negative aspects is that people need to stand in a queue and due to insufficient cash they are unable to meet daily liabilities.

But in overall aspect to meet corruption less country we also need to go through some tough times.

Mritunjay said:   5 years ago
Every coin has two sides and so demonetization is also having advantages and disadvantages. This step of demonetization against corruption by our Honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi is really appreciable. Announcing it suddenly was the best part of this strategy. We know it will take time to clean the corruption but if such steps will not be taken how come India would be a corrupt free country. Lack of cash availability, standing in a queue for a long time for withdrawals were weak points of demonetization. I appreciate the courage showed by our prime minister. The result will be healthier in future.

K.SANDEEP REDDY said:   5 years ago
Hi, my name is Sandeep.

I am talking about common people point of view, all the below middle class and middle-class people stand in front of banks to exchange currency, I haven't seen any rich people standing in ques, waiting to exchange.

People are standing and waiting near banks just to see the future of India as corruption less country, we should support our govt as it is a very good initial step taken by the govt, even though it has many disadvantages.

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