How demonetization is affecting common people more than black money holders?

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Sai said:   4 years ago
From my point of view, demonetization led to suffer the economic growth of the country. Demonetization was not planned adequately and led to escape of some black money holders easily. After demonetization, the economic growth of the country decreased and with the introduction of new currency notes led to more confusion to the people. The common people are not eagerly waiting to buy some new items as they are afraid of such new incidents in future and this led to only saving the money and investing it, which would rather multiply easily than keeping it safe.

Juhi said:   4 years ago
Hello, everyone.

In my point of view, demonetization is a very sensitive action which is raised by the Indian government on 8 November 2016. Government of India announced that demonetize of all 500 and 1000 rs and the new currency is provided at midnight. The major decision which is made by the government will help to destroy black-money and all the terrorist activity will be blocked. A negative aspect is all the common man faced the various and inconvenience to exchange their 500 rs and 1000 rs.

It will make a big change in our country we congratulate the entire government and we should thank those people who brought this decision.

Sahil thakur said:   4 years ago
Hello, my friends.

Demonetization is an effectual step but was not much able to execute it properly. It ought to be planned before implementing this step. It should be remembered by the government that with advantages disadvantages also come. The government had to be ready before taking this step.

So I think that it was not a much adequate step.

Krishna kanth said:   3 years ago
According to me, demonetization is changed the corruption era. It is affecting common people more than black money holders but good thing is that it affects on corruption. We saw that in demonetization the goverment collect lots of money from black money holders also its increase GDP of our country. But common people faced lots of trouble in three months. They are standing in a queue for a day for 2000 or 4000 and ATM was empty. Also, bank employees help celebrities and politicians for withdrawing money from the backside. My view is demonetization is a good step but its affecting common people very much. Demonetization is a good step taken by the government it is definitely helpful to India to become developed country from developing the country and it is very helpful to decrease corruption in India. But for the demonetization common people's face lot of problems than the black money holders because for withdrawing money they wait a lot of time at ATM centres. It will apply for every five years it will definitely useful to decreasing corruption. Demonetization is affecting to the common people but they will get benefit from it in the future. Someone said that instead of immediate disclosed this information they should inform the people for fixing the date for demonetization if they do so, again it helps to black money holders before demonetizing they had exchanged the money from 500 and 1000 to 100 and 50 notes. Modi had taken a good decision of immediate action on demonetization. Of course, it had affected on common people not only in this matter. There are several matters are there which can affect to common people. If anyone made the survey immediate decision on demonetization they will get 80% to 90% good result because our country people know what is right and wrong. Most of the people knew that demonetization will help to the middle class and low class and it should affect on middle and lower class along with these things, they knew they will get benefits from this in future.

Raj said:   3 years ago

According to me, demonization was the wrong decision because of this many people lost their jobs and after that, we saw our GDP growth decreased, the economy also suffered a lot and if you talk about the collection of black money which was promised by the government according to RBI data almost 98% notes deposited in banks and finally this is so many example failure of demonization.

Jai Hind.

Firoj khan said:   3 years ago
Demonetization is a process in which we modified the currency.

Our PM Narendra Modi demonetized the 500 and 1000 RS notes on 8th November 2016.

Demonetization is a good way to control over black money, fake currency and corruption.

Many people hide their money in houses this money is called black money. It is the main obstacles in our country's progress. Most people of India bear many problems and some died in the queue of ATM's.

Black money encourages terrorism most of the terrorist use black money and fake currency.

So, I think Demonetization is a good decision taken by our official.

Adarsh Singh said:   3 years ago
Demonetization is a process in which, the currency which is currently running in the market is ceased by the government.

It is usually done to check black money and to remove fake currencies from the market.

Our PM Narendra Modi, on November 8, 2016, declared notes of 500 & 1000 as invalid.

The idea of demonetization was good but there was no plan to implement it properly. Lots of people lost their job, the growth of GDP also decreased, common people were seen standing in ATM queues for money while rich people were not seen in this troublesome condition. RBI also stated that approx 98% of the currencies were returned to the bank, it implies that there was the very less fake currency in the market.

This demonetisation could have been a very good step if there would have been proper planning.

Arun chaudhary said:   3 years ago
Demonetisation is the way to eradicate the currency which is currently used and introduce the new one which helps a lot to block the black money holders, terrorism from the country.

In India on 8 Nov 2016, Shri Narendra Modi gave the sudden news about demonetisation that notes of 500 and 1000 will be invalid from midnight today but they also gave chance to change our old currency from the banks but we have to give proof that our money is not black money. It affects a lot to common people too, because common people stand the whole day in a queue to withdrawal little amount of money and atm was empty. But the politician, celebrity, and mostly black money.

Holders change their currency from the bank easily by giving some bribe to the bank employees but not at every place but common people suffer a lot.

In my opinion, its the best initiative by our govt to block the black money, terrorism and it introduce a new era of cashless India because most of the people use the mode of online payment since that time.

K C Pandey said:   3 years ago
Demonetisation was announced by the government of India on 8th November in 2016. It is very good decision taken by our government but I think our government not prepared properly. Because many poor people very affected by the demonetisation because they are stand at front of bank. Rich people have many source to change their notes. Bybdemonetisation our government collect the black money by the holder so I conclude it was very good decision taken by our government thanks.

Himanshu Gupta said:   5 months ago
Jai Hind everyone,

Demonetization means modifying the current currency in the form of a new currency. Our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization on 8 November 2016 and said the notes of 500, 1000 invalid.

It was a good step to destroy corruption and control black money. It also affected terrorist activities. Many people hide a big amount of money in their houses illegally which is called black money. Demonetization was good for the development of the country but it affected the big population of middle-class people. People had to face a lot of trouble in the process of exchanging their notes. It also affected the GDP of our country. Demonetization also increased digital payment across the country.

At last, l would like to say that every coin has two sides so demonetization had also both negative and positive impacts on our country but from my point of view, it was a good decision to eradicate corruption and black money.


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