How demonetization is affecting common people more than black money holders?

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Arkadeep Chakraborty said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone, it is obviously true fact that, for sudden demonetization in India, the common people are affected so much, the common people who have a lot of 500 and 1000 notes in home or who needs to take lot of liquid money from bank or ATM for Marriage or Medical purpose are fell in great danger. The common people have to stand in a long line to change their 500 or 1000 notes in bank or to take money from ATM. But this harassment will be occurred only for limited time (3-4 months). But the black money holder will fall in Fish out of water. Although their maximum black money may be in form of Gold bars or Jewellery but the liquid money they have, are totally useless, if they want to give it back to bank, then they have to give 200% fine because they can not show legal source of their money. So this money will be totally useless to them. For the demonetization, though common people will fall in harassment but for this, it is to be said that Terrorist activity will be decreased, Corruption in India will be decreased for at least next 10 years. So I think it is a good and effective step against corruption by Indian Government. Thank you.

Monika said:   7 years ago
Common people have clearly been suffering through a lot. Employees need to stand in long question at the banks and ATMs to draw their money, but if we look at the bigger picture it has resulted in total loss to the black money holders. The strict initiative taken by the govt was to make it nearly impossible for these black money holders to exchange their hoarded cash. One thing I want to put forward is, the long never ending question etc are not caused by demonetisation. Govt has released proper rules like Rs 24000/- to be taken in week, anyone having marriage ceremonies or Any construction work can withdraw up to 50,000/- etc. The govt is doing all it can to support the common man. But the problem is sufficient cash is not being supplied to banks. Hence all the problem. If enough cash is being given to the banks, public won't be facing so much of problem.

NISHANT WADHAWAN said:   7 years ago

Like the roses have thorns too like ways demonetization has merits and demerits. But the merits are more and for a good cause so we should look more towards it for stopping corruption. I think we should be with MODI JI. AS I am. I think it is a great step.

Kritika said:   7 years ago
Common people are suffering from Demonetization more than the black money holder. They are not able to withdraw money from banks and even the ATM are cashless. Black money holders are already having sources to get the new currency. Small vendors are not able to make payments and labors are not getting wages on time. Even some people are not having money for their daily expenses.

Amit singh said:   7 years ago
Demonetisation is affecting common people more, it is Said by only opposition parties and few really affected people. But I have seen the survey of PM Modi and peoples talking about demonetisation.

Yes, they are suffering but they are Okey with it just because black money holders are suffering too.

A common people who pays tax is only less than 2% of the total population. They should not question Govt after hiding black money (as above 98% people in India doesn't. Pay taxes) so it's affecting common people then It's okay by all means. At least Now their hidden Cash will mean nothing.

So it's affecting common people but I'm not sure if Common people itself is a black money holder. Says the Data of Income tax.

Thank you.

Adarsh said:   7 years ago
Yes, it is affecting common people but they are okey with it just because black money holder are also in a big trouble.

As the decision taking by our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji it is affecting common people for a short period of time but after the two months common people also not get suffered.

At last, I would like to conclude that demonization is good for our country as reducing corruption in India that's the big point.

ReddyBhavani Jadav said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

Demonetization is affecting us in many ways like small vendors, due to lack of awareness at the beginning faced many problems also pensioners were not able to draw their pension all at once as a result, old people suffered a lot. We had many technical issues like ATM's were not able to load the new notes at the beginning. Standing in front of banks and ATMs killed our patience and time a lot.

Behind all these, we can overcome majorly two things one is corruption and the other is black money. We may have many problems but definitely, it's fruits are going to be sweet in future.

Jagadeesh said:   7 years ago

Demonetization is a desirable act in India done in 8th November 2016. The act intention is to recover the black money and hidden properties. And also for national income.

In India, most of the people are small vendors they work to daily wages as 300 to 500, at this time the government was decided the demonetization now what can do the small vendors. 500, 1000 notes very strong I mean they are circulated to 7 years but government has band that notes. To recovery from the demonetization is all over India the notes are needed is 21 billion notes are replaced, but in our mind (notes printing press) can print only 3 billion notes, we can't depend on foreign mints because the India in "make in India" when the notes has circulated properly then we recover from demonetization.

The Indian express says that the potentially significant amount would be subtracted from the reserve Bank of India's liabilities, and the authorities would have the option to transfer his windfall to the government.

India's sovereign credit profile will benefit from an improvement in government finances.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   7 years ago
YES, I candidly support the statement. Although demonetisation was aimed to identify black money and curb the menace. But presently it has affected command people rather than targeting black money holders. Hundreds of hours of common people became useless in queueing up before ATMs and Banks for withdrawal of money or exchanging currencies. Many people lost their valued life. Degrowth of economy has rendered many people jobless. Rural masses are more deprived of new notes and buying of seeds and fertilisers has become a herculean task. People suffered a lot in organising marriages and related functions. Many occupations related to these got hampered wherein common people get seasonal employment. On the other hand rich and influential were found relaxed. New currency in bulk was found during search. The glamour and expenses of their functions were not at all affected. Moreover, some of them took the advantage of the situation and made money on large scale.

Danish said:   7 years ago
I truly support this statement. Demonetization has affected common people on large scale. Common people are suffering because of the lack of money. Most of the common people in India use only cash and they are not really good with banking services or electronic payment systems and they are not well educated about all these. ATMs are getting dry, people are really frustrated and they don't know what to do. More 50 people have died so far. We all can clearly see that demonetization is affecting common people only.

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