Ban 500, 1000 notes - Corruption Uprooted or just changing clothes!

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Divya Singh said:   7 years ago
We have a government system to take the actions against the frauds, criminals, terrorists and corrupted people. Still, the ratio of corruption is high in India. This is due to lack of awareness, corrupted authorities and sometimes because of us, as we are not loyal to are duties, we never follow any rules and regulations by which people on higher rank gets the benefits and we all suffer. We all have a habit of blaming others instead of doing our jobs. So according to me, this demonstration can stop corruption at some level for some coming years but there should be a way where the ratio of corruption starts decreasing or finished form the India.

Sakshi Agrawal said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am Sakshi. In my opinion, demonetization was a powerful step taken by honourable prime minister Narendra Modi on 8 November 2016.

It's was very good step by the government to take out of black money but their result was bad.

As we know many peoples have to face a problem there were around thousands of people standing outside of the bank and ATM in a long queue and we saw only that people standing who don't have a black money no one saw the rich people stand in a long queue.

People suffered a lot of problem in that time. There was a shortage of new note of 500 and 2000 in the bank. The ATM was also empty in that time. The net server was also down in that time but what was the result how many people were found out who have a black money.

So in my opinion, demonetization is just changing clothes.

Thank you.

Shashwat said:   7 years ago
Before discussing or taking stand on this issue what we need to understand is that the issue is not with the policies or implementation of the policy, the issue is with our mentality. We always have the tendency to blame others for our grievances. We blame Britain for our economic instability, we blame our neighbours for our regional tensions, we blame politicians for corruption, but we never blame ourselves. Australia was also under British rule but it ranks second in HDI. South Korea has tension with neighbours but is one of the most developed countries. The corruption was deeply rooted in china, look at how they have uprooted it. So everything is achievable once we put our mind to it. Yes, I agree the demonetization policy has its flaws, and corruption is not gonna stop overnight. But at least we have now started talking about this serious issue. And from now on it's our duty as citizens of India to make sure that we do not indulge in any kind of corruption nor let anyone else. Change is not gonna come from a government policy, What we need to understand is that change comes from within.

Ashu bhagya said:   7 years ago
Good day, According to me, Banning of 500 and 1000 is good move to avoid corruption. Everything cannot be controlled within a short period. Corruption needs to avoided, so we cannot able to destroy it completely. We have to process it and destroy it by step by step. This banning of 500 and 1000 notes is one of the step to avoid corruption. I Accept many people suffered a lot by this action. First of all, everyone understands this, No pain no gain. We have to suffer a little to avoid some portion of corruption. Rich people are not suffered by this, I accept. But everyone must know how many currency notes are thrown in the dustbin and in the street. This money belongs to rich people. This is a just a warning to them, to pay their taxes correctly. Switching over to new note is also needed. We have to keep using our old 500 and 1000 notes for past 10 years. So it is time to change it. Change must come from us. If we behave and act in a right way. Everything will be right. So, conclude by saying that no pain no gain. We sacrifice something to achieve something. Thank you.

Ajju said:   7 years ago
Hello! everyone.

According to my point of view, the approach which was taken by the government on 8th November called " Demonetization" to eradicate corrupt pr black money from the India is one of the best methods. Because of many reasons:

1-According to RBI information they have been destroyed approx 12% black money.

2- before demonetization all black money were used in illegal activities like terrorism funding, gambling etc. But after this, all these things get reduced at least for some years.

3- And the main thing now people will not keep a large amount of money at home & by their taxes might be India will become a developed country.

I know there were many problems occured due to that. BUT As we all know " No one can get the best result without facing any difficulties".

Neha saxena said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, demonetisation was a great move in the Indian history which was implemented by our government of India on 8 November 2016. The main aim for this demonetisation was to eradicate corruption and to remove the circulation of black money from our country but I personally feel that the corruption has been reduced but not to that extent that it should be and if we talk about black money than Indian people will definitely find the new ways to counter this.

And more over the implementation of demonetisation could have been definitely better. Our Prime Minister suddenly banned the currency in the evening due to which many people have faced a lot of difficulties. The one who were supposed to face trouble were quite comfortable with it as they were higher class and they have their agents and servants who were standing in the queue but the middle class and the common people had to go through a lot of difficulty, they had to stand in long question for hours to deposit their old currency in the bank and to withdraw the cash from ATM.

Within a Span of two to three days there were a lot of downfall in the trade and due to which our GDP also went down during that financial year.

But like every coin had two sides. Apart from demrit demonetisation has resulted in emergence of digital transaction and there is a huge shift towards electronic payments after the note banned. The electronic method of payments are gaining popularity among the common people and this was after the demonetisation only.

So the conclusion is that the the main aim of this demonetisation had not been fulfilled completely so the government should find new ways to eradicate corruption and black money from the economy.

Sagar panchal said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, it was just like changing clothes because changing 500 & 1000 was of no worth.

What happened Is poor suffered a lot in this situation and people who have black money and corruption still continued after banning the notes.

In news, we have seen that the black money is been getting burnt but it is complete waste I can say that money was fake and person who owes that money is sitting in his AC room and enjoying the situation.

Poor farmers, import, export, share market was complete to down pecking and there was problem everywhere and still corruption was at it place bank managers and workers of some bank taking bribe and depositing fake money or I can say black money.

Conclusion is poor suffered as they were loyal and rich people enjoyed as they have power of money black or fake who care!

Pranjali Agrawal said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

Demonitization a bold step was taken by the government to eradicate corruption. According to me banning 500 1000 notes has not uprooted the corruption completely but it has created a sense of fear among the corrupt people and I think this was only needed to start the process of making corrupt free India. This is only the first step which I think proved to be successful.

Edwin said:   6 years ago
Hi friends, our topic of discussion is demonetisation uproot corruption or not. I am strongly says that demonetisation in India doesn't do anything to corruption. Because according to the RBI report about 97 % of banned currency returns to them. It indicates that the black money holder whiten thier money very easily with the help of our government. During the process of cash exchanges so many bank and the respective officers help the corrupted persons with bribe.

Demonetisation causes so many negative effects to the Indian economy. After the declaration of bann of currency the flow of money in the market ceases. It causes the GDP of India to fall. So many daily wage workers lost their job. Simply saying the India totaly collapsed after demonstration.

Demonetisation was one good thing but it do not implement well in India. So the corruption remains unaffected after banning of currency.

Thank you.

Megha said:   7 years ago
Coming to my view, Demonetization is a good step taken by government. But without proper planning and implementation it could not lead to be good thing. Government need to adopt the failure in the implementation. No one suffered. Neither the one who has done his daughter's marriage with crores of budget nor the corrupted people!.

Only the "common man" faced so many problems for the exchange of their honesty earnings. RBI itself announced that 98% of banned notes back to the bank. I am quite wondered that within 1.324 billion population, corrupted people having only that 2% black money.

With having all the powers government failed in recovering black money within the country. How could that be possible to bring the money from Swiss banks.

First win at home before you go to conquer the world. !

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