Ban 500, 1000 notes - Corruption Uprooted or just changing clothes!

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Parvathi said:   11 months ago
Hello friends.

According to my point of view, demonetization is a good plan implemented by Prime Minister Modi on 2016 to stop fake currency in our country by the way in several places it was controlled but in some places, it was not so the plan was not 100 percent successful.

Pradeep said:   1 year ago
According to my point of view, demonetization will keep Indian economic growth slowing down for several years as black money is concerned it is still in the market. If the government was imposed it is correct with a proper implementation plan that can give some positive results but eliminating black from the market there has to be more than one area where government can take action.

Ananya said:   2 years ago
As we all know that in 2016 India face the demonstration were the 500 and 1000 note value got zero the main reason is that India want to control over the corruption but the results were different as the black money transfer into white as the people find the different ways durring that time.

People start shifting there money into there all family member or even in there servant account so it's just like a changing clothes.

Nanda Kumar said:   2 years ago
This note ban never evoked any positive results other than agony and misery to the common man. Terrorism and black money were the major evils considered for this unprecedented immature action. The nation continues to be in shambles without much hope.

Gourav Sharma said:   2 years ago
Hello friends,

My name is Gourav Sharma from Bhadra, Rajasthan.

According to my opinion, banning 500 and 1000 notes is just the way of changing clothes and nothing else. Actually, corruption is everywhere. And there is no affect on corruption by demonetisation. Demonetisation has not just affected our public but also effected our economy system too. From that day, until this day, India's GDP cannot be survived.

Sp goriya said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone My name is Subhash saini from jhunjhunu Rajasthan.

Demonetisation is a part of clean India mission. It was announced our former PM shree Narendra Damodar Das Modi on 8 Nov. 2016 at 8pm. 500 and 1000 rupee note banned in our country. He wants to become stop fake currency and black marketing in our society. But corruption was not control in our nation so demonetisation is not 100/sucessful in our country.

DP Singh said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone.

I think banning 500-100 notes is just the way of changing clothes and nothing else. Actually corruption is everywhere and no one can just diminish it by banning some notes. Demonetization has not just affected our public but also effected our economy too. From that day until this day India's GDP cannot be survived. Demonetization has to tear India's GDP apart.

Rohit18 said:   4 years ago
According to me, banning 500, 1000 is not enough to stop the corruption. During demonetization, people have faced too many problems by standing in queues and exchanging money from others, while transportation in buses, autorickshaw, etc.

After all these things we don't have significant proof that we are not corruptive nature, according to a survey done by ABP news we have told that this demonetization didn't help us to become corruption-free.

There are many ways by which we can stop by going cashless for all transactions and by making transparency in all sectors, government offices and in politics also.

So according to me, it was just like changing clothes.

Shahzaman Khair said:   4 years ago
Good morning everyone.

I would like to mention some points on this topic. Banning of 500 and 1000 notes is not the solution to Corruption. I think how govt thinks it is the solution to Corruption. Even after the demonization corruption has been increased. At the time of demonization those who were capable to change their notes from the bank they Changed by giving extra money in the bank. So corruption is in lower to a higher level. Govt didn't make a plan and didn't take strict action at the time of demonization. So I think If govt took strict action and implemented by the strategy then It could be decrease. So in my view banning of 500 and 1000 notes were like a changing cloth.

Vishal Jena said:   4 years ago
I think banning of 500 and 1000 notes is not enough to stop corruption, but instead of that this method change the way of corruption government has to think of it again as due to this law middle class family will suffer a lot during withdrawal money, it will affect our economy too as corruption will increase due to this policy.

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