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The Homolographic projection has the correct representation of

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Mbhgjhg said:   1 decade ago
Good one.

Kirankumar Rubde said:   1 decade ago
The Mollweide projection is a pseudocylindrical map projection generally used for global maps of the world (or sky). Also known as the Babinet projection, homalographic projection, homolographic projection, and elliptical projection. As its more explicit name Mollweide equal area projection indicates, it sacrifices fidelity to angle and shape in favor of accurate depiction of area. It is used primarily where accurate representation of area takes precedence over shape, for instance small maps depicting global distributions.

The projection was first published by mathematician and astronomer Karl (or Carl) Brandan Mollweide (1774 - 1825) of Leipzig in 1805. It was popularized by Jacques Babinet in 1857, giving it the name homalographic projection. The variation homolographic arose from frequent nineteenth century usage in star atlases.

Rajasekhar said:   1 decade ago
A map projection reproducing the ratios of areas as they exist on the earth's surface. ...

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