General Knowledge - Technology

Exercise :: Technology - Section 3


The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:

A. Netscape
B. Veronica
C. Mosaic
D. Explorer

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question. Let us discuss.


What is RISC?

A. Remodeled Interface System Computer
B. Remote Intranet Secured Connection
C. Runtime Instruction Set Compiler
D. Reduced Instruction Set Computer

Answer: Option D


Reduced Instruction Set Computer - a type of microprocessor that relies on simple instructions which can be used to build more complicated ones.


What does ICMP stand for?

A. Internet Connection Modem Protocol
B. Intranet Control Message Program
C. Internal Conflict Management Program
D. Internet Control Message Protocol

Answer: Option D


ICMP Packets are used to send control messages including errors.


What is FMD?

A. FastEthernet Measuring Device
B. Flashing Media Diode
C. Fluorescent Multi-Layer Disc
D. Flash Media Driver

Answer: Option C


A new type of disc developed by Constellation 3D Inc. These discs can hold up to to 140 GB of data.


Which of these is a documented hoax virus?

A. McDonalds screensaver
B. Alien.worm
C. Merry Xmas
D. Adolph

Answer: Option A


A virus hoax is usually an email that gets mailed in chain letter fashion describing some devastating highly unlikely type of virus, you can usually spot a hoax because there's no file attachment, no reference to a third party who can validate the claim and the general 'tone' of the message.