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'Dandia' is a popular dance of
Tamil Nadu
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Harshini said:   8 years ago
Cultural and traditional dance of Gujarat. It is an identical form of dance. Men and women dance with two sticks in a circular form.

Gohil Suresh said:   8 years ago
Raas or dandiya Raas is the traditional folk dance of GUJARAT.

During NAVRATRI Festival in most of the cities of GUJARAT people gather and perform dandiya raas and Garba dance, an event that is becoming increasingly popular in countries with large Gujarati- speaking communities around the world, such as Canada, the US, and Britain.

The ward areas come from Sanskrit word 'Rasa'. The origins of Raas can be traced to ancient times. Lord Krishna performed 'Ras Lila'. (Lila means lord Krishna Playful dance. The word 'laika' also refers to things that god does that we fully understand).

There are several forms of raas, but dandiya raas performed during NAVRATRI in Gujarat is the most popular form. Other forms of raas include dang lila from RAJASTHAN where only one large stick is used and 'Rasa Lila' from north India. Ras Lila and dandiya raas are similar. Some even consider Garba as a form of raas namely 'Raas Garba'.

In dandiya raas men and woman dance in two circles with sticks in their hands.

The sticks of the dance represent the sword of durga. In these days woman wears treditional dresses such as colouful embroidred, choli, and bandhani dupattas (treditional attire) dazziling with mirror work and heavy jewellery. The men wear special turbans and kedias but this varies regionally.

Today raas is not only an important part of Navratri in Gujarat but extends itself to other festivals related to harvest and crops as well.

ABCD said:   8 years ago
Dandiya is the folk dance of Gujarat. It is almost like Garbha.

Vaishnavi said:   8 years ago
It is traditional dance of India and it danced in navratri or any occasion.

MaheshMalam said:   9 years ago
Only two Dandiya because more than two not easy to pick.

I think every Gujarati know from birth to play Dandiya.

Sana said:   9 years ago
The dance is very famous all over India, but mostly its originated from Gujarat. Garba is another famous dance much familiar like Dandia.

KOMAL said:   9 years ago
The dance of Dandia is very popular.

Thara chandrashekar said:   9 years ago
Why they suggested two sticks for Dandia?

Thamil said:   10 years ago
Popular dance in Gujarat.

Varun rock said:   10 years ago
Most of the Gujarati people like Dandia.

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