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Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Gaurav said:   5 years ago
What are the other compounds in Amalgam?

Gaurav joshi said:   5 years ago
Amalgam means?

Ankitha said:   5 years ago
Yes, the answer is mercury!

Abhijit said:   5 years ago
Amalgam is an alloy of mercury with another metal.

Amer said:   5 years ago
Isn't mercury poisonous?

S C Akash said:   5 years ago
Mercury is always common for amalgam.

Vaibhav sarkar said:   6 years ago
Mercury is the amalgam metal.

Sagar said:   6 years ago
Mercury is amalgam metal.

Behnam said:   6 years ago
What's amalgam?

Adhrita dey said:   6 years ago
Opition B is correct.

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