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Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into
free nitrogen
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Somya said:   7 years ago
Please explain how does it converts?

Govardhan said:   8 years ago
I agree with the statement because nitrogen is very useful for the plant so nitrates may be converted into free nitrogen.

Rechita goyal said:   8 years ago
Nitrate and ammonium absorbed form of nitrogen in plants then nitrate convert into ammonium in the shoot which is used to synthesize amino acid and then protein not nitrogen.

Sam said:   8 years ago
From my point of view:

When nitrogen in combine state with oxygen (No2), is brought to the ground through thunderstorm, nitrogen fixing bacteria's, like nitrosomers, nitrobacter, etc, in the root nodules of plant, convert it to nitrite and then to nitrogen. Thereby liberation oxygen making it absorb-able by plant.

Ravi said:   9 years ago
The answer is ammonia.

Atmospheric nitrogen is converted into nitrate and nitrite forms by the free living (e.g. Azatobacter) or symbiotic bacteria (e.g: Rhizobium in root nodules of leeguminous plants). Plant roots then absorb nitrite form and subsequently convert it into ammonia.

Later on, ammonia is utilized for biosynthesis of nitrogen containing compounds like amino acids and nucleotides etc. When plant dies, the denitrifying bacteria act upon these compounds and free nitrogen can be released into atmosphere.

Jawalika said:   9 years ago
Leguminous plants take nitrogen molecules from air and fix them in soil and convert them in to nitrates.

Anmol said:   9 years ago
They ultimately convert it into N2.

Sikinder said:   9 years ago
I don't agree because, Nitrates in the soil gets converted to ammonia, am I correct?

BHAGYA said:   9 years ago
Convert nitrates into ammonia for making amino acids.

Saurav pathak said:   10 years ago
If plants convert into free nitrogen. So from where does come out from the plant body?

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