Electronics and Communication Engineering - Electromagnetic Field Theory

A broadside array consisting of 200 cm wavelength with 10 half-wave dipole spacing 10 cm. And if each array element feeding with 1 amp. current and operating at same frequency then find the radiated power
730 W
73 W
100 W
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Prad = n I2 . Rr 10 x 73 x 1 730 watt.

For static magnetic field Maxwell's curl equation is given by
∇ . = μ0
∇ x = 0
∇ x = μ0
∇ x = μ0/
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For static field, time varying factor will be zero, ∇ x H


If wave of critical frequency 30 MHz is departing at an angle of 60°, then the MUF is given to be
10 MHz
15 MHz
30 MHz
60 MHz
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MUF = fc sec θ

An antenna having an effective temperature of 27°K is fed into a microwave amplifier that has an effective noise temperature of 30 K. Calculate the available noise power per unit bandwidth
30 K
57 K
27 K
3K, K is Boltzmann constant
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where K is Boltzmann constant.

Two identical and parallel dipole antenna are kept apart by a distance of λ/4 in the H-plane. They are fed with equal currents but the right most antenna has a phase shift of + 90°. The radiation pattern is given as
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There will be no pattern in E-plane, only in H-Plane.