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Which of the following observatory detected the second merger of neutron stars?

B. GEO600
C. Fermilab
D. Brookhaven National Laboratory

Answer: Option A


The LIGO (Laser Inferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) detected gravitational waves due to collision of two neutron stars. This is the second time the gravitational waves are being detected.The first neutron star detection was in 2017. However, the second event that was recorded now, is not as strong as the first.


According to the India Meteorological Department, the year 2019 was recorded as the _______warmest year since 1901?

A. 5th
B. 6th
C. 7th
D. 8th

Answer: Option C


The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the year 2019 was recorded as the seventh warmest year since 1901. It also said that the heating was substantially lower than the highest warming observed in 2016.


ASCEND 2020 Global Investors Meet is being organized at which city?

A. Kochi
B. Vishakhapatnam
C. Chennai
D. Bhubaneshwar

Answer: Option A


Kochi to host Global Investors Meet on 9-10 Jan. Kochi: An electronic hardware and a defence park in Kerala are among 18 mega projects the state government will highlight at the Global Investors Meet on 9 and 10 January.


Which of the following station has been installed with the facial recognition technology?

A. New Delhi
B. Bengaluru
C. Rajkot
D. Bhopal

Answer: Option B


After the facial recognition system is tested, the technology will be implemented across the railway network. Facial recognition technology backed by artificial intelligence has been installed at Bengaluru, Manmad and Bhusawal stations as test cases to identify and nab criminals.


Which platform has been launched by NPCI for a fast and secure platform?

A. Bal
B. Dhanush
C. Vajra
D. Shiva

Answer: Option C


The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched the Vajra Platform to make payments fast and secure. The platform is based on blockchain technology. The main objective of the Vajra Platform is to provide automated clearing and settlement of payments and drastically reduce the need for manual reconciliation.