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Which of the following statement is incorrect?
Constructor is a member function of the class.
The compiler always provides a zero argument constructor.
It is necessary that a constructor in a class should always be public.
Both B and C.
Answer: Option
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Kavitha josephine said:   1 decade ago
Is it necessary to specify access specifier to a constructor each time its created.

Ghanshyam said:   1 decade ago
Constructor must always public only...
define it with private or protected always cause compile time error...
try following code and check..
/* Note: GCC Compiler (32 Bit Linux Platform). */

class one
int a;
void show()

int main()
one obj;
return 0;

Myth said:   1 decade ago
Can any one say how many argument is provided by compiler to a constructor by default.

Ravi said:   1 decade ago
For option C, if a constructor is private, then what is the use of that if we can't create an object of that class.

If we try to create object of a class whose constructor is private, it will give error :: constructor () is private.

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