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If a concrete column 200 x 200 mm in cross-section is reinforced with four steel bars of 1200 mm2 total cross-sectional area. Calculate the safe load for the column if permissible stress in concrete is 5 N/mm2 and Es is 15 Ec
264 MN
274 MN
284 MN
294 MN
None of these.
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Kisan prasad gaire said:   5 years ago
Excellent explanation, Thanks @Maniesh.

Shiva said:   7 years ago
Explain this with formula.

Abhishek said:   5 years ago
Thank you for explaining.

Avinash said:   3 years ago
It's 284KN not 284MN.

RAJU said:   5 years ago
Thank you @Maniesh.

Nazeer said:   8 years ago
How is it done?

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