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What will be the output of the C#.NET code snippet given below?
namespace IndiabixConsoleApplication
    class SampleProgram
        static void Main(string[ ] args)
            string str= "Hello World!";
            Console.WriteLine( String.Compare(str, "Hello World?" ).GetType() );
Hello World?
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Mithilesh Singh said:   10 years ago
String.Compare() returns 0 which is of type System.int32.

Gloops said:   10 years ago
Taylor, you have a simple way to know the value of an expression : while stopped at a breaking point on the following line, select the expression and depress shift F9 (this is in Visual Studio 2005). This also allows you to add a spy to watch the value dynamically.

I obtain -1, and if I replace the question mark by an exclamation mark to get the same text (and relaunch the application), I obtain 0.

Suresh said:   9 years ago
Here the function returns 0 as the both strings are not equal. And the get type method will return the type of o as system.int32.

Joseph stalin said:   7 years ago
Anyone can explain how this logic works?

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