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How many times the while loop will get executed if a short int is 2 byte wide?
int main()
    int j=1;
    while(j <= 255)
        printf("%c %d\n", j, j);
    return 0;
Infinite times
255 times
256 times
254 times
Answer: Option

The while(j <= 255) loop will get executed 255 times. The size short int(2 byte wide) does not affect the while() loop.

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Asha said:   1 decade ago
I can't understand using of %c please explain.

Jaya said:   1 decade ago
In printf, why there are using %c. I can't understand please explain..

Dhronan said:   1 decade ago

you are right but see they didn't say while statement, they said while loop, so you ought consider the whole loop statements.

Fanta said:   1 decade ago
The body of the while loop will execute 255 times. But the while condition will execte one more time to became condition false.

It takes 256.

Rachit said:   1 decade ago
Loop will execute from j=0 to 224 at j=225 loop will terminated so it will execute upto 225 times from 0 to 224.

I think it makes it more clear.

Ravitheja said:   1 decade ago
Thnks to all. Karthi please chek your values in this discussion.

Nayana said:   1 decade ago
Hi vivek in the program the initital value of j=1 the statement in the while condition will execute until j value will become 255. so the statement will execute 255 times

Vivek kkumar said:   1 decade ago
I could not understand.

Karthi said:   1 decade ago
Initial value of j is 1 and the last condition of the while statement is j=225. so the loop get executed 225 times. It does not change according to declaration.

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