Body Language - Cigars and glasses gestures

Cigarette Smokers Gestures

Cigarette Smokers Gestures
  • Smoke up gesture - A person who is feeling positive, superior or confident will blow the smoke in an upward direction most of the time.
  • Smoke down gesture - A person in a negative, secretive or suspicious frame of mind will blow the smoke down most of the time. Blowing down and from the corner of the mouth indicates an even more negative or secretive attitude. This, of course, assumes that the smoker is not blowing the smoke upwards to avoid offending others. In that case, he could have blown the smoke in either direction.

Gestures with glasses

Stalling Gesture
  • The glasses-in-mouth gesture can be used to stall or delay a decision. In negotiating, it has been found that this gesture appears most frequently at the close of the discussion when the person has been asked for a decision. The act of continually taking the glasses off and cleaning the lenses is another method used by glasses wearers to gain time for a decision. When this gesture is seen immediately after a decision has been asked for, silence is the best tactic.
  • If the person puts the glasses back on, this often means that he wants to 'see' the facts again, whereas folding the glasses and putting them away signals an intention to terminate the conversation.