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How many times are the hands of a clock at right angle in a day?
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In 12 hours, they are at right angles 22 times.

In 24 hours, they are at right angles 44 times.

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Vijay kumar said:   5 years ago
The answer is 22 times.

Mansi said:   5 years ago
A unique clock has 24 divisions instead of 12 nd functions like normal then how many times from noon will the hour and the minute hand form 90 degrees for the first time? Can anyone answer this?

Darshan said:   5 years ago
Angle = (11*m)/2 - 30 * h.

Use this formula for solving the clock problem.

Nishtha said:   6 years ago
How 22 right angles in 12 hours?

Deepanjan said:   6 years ago
How many times the two hands of a clock will make 180 degree from 4pm to 10pm?

Pratik said:   6 years ago
Every hour, 2 right angles are formed between the hands. But because minute hand crosses hour hand every 55 mins, every hour, there is a 5-minute lag. For 24 hours, the lag is 24x5= 120 mins i.e. 2 hour lag - a loss of 4 right angles in 24 hours.

So: 24x2 - loss = 44.

ADITI said:   6 years ago
As for one hour right angle will be two times.

So, the answer is should be 48.

Vivaan said:   6 years ago
Yes, the answer is 44 times. In between 2-3 & 8-9 o'clock, only one 90° angle is formed. Hence, In 12 hrs. No of times 90° angles is formed decreases from 24 to 22. & In a day 44times, 90° angles is formed.

Fact: For any angle, the no of times it is formed in a day is 44 times.

Zips said:   6 years ago
How many times right angle is similar?

Niharika said:   7 years ago
What about the number of times 0 degrees comes in 12 hours (precisely 5am-5pm)?

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