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Introducing a boy, a girl said, "He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle." How is the boy related to the girl?

[A]. Brother
[B]. Nephew
[C]. Uncle
[D]. Son-in-law

Answer: Option A


The father of the boy's uncle → the grandfather of the boy and daughter of the grandfather → sister of father.

Sundar said: (Jun 29, 2011)  

Please read my explanation given below carefully.

[ Remember: Cousin = The child of one's aunt or uncle. ]

If {the Girl's uncle = Brother of Girl's Mother}
Then the answer will be 'Brother or Cousin'.

If {the Girls uncle = Brother of Girl's Father}
Then the answer will be 'Cousin'.

Among the given options, there is no option for 'Cousin'.
So, we have to choose 'Brother' as the correct answer.

Tips: Use elimination method, just ignore the options that are not suitable. Then the remaining one is 'Brother'.

Note: In what situation will the answer be Brother?

If {the Girl's uncle = Brother of Girl's Mother}
Then, the Father of Girl's Uncle = Girl's Grand_Father(G_F)

In case, G_F's daughter =(might-be)= Girl's mother.

In this situation only, the boy will be Brother to that Girl. Otherwise, the answer will be cousin.

Hope this will help you a bit. Have a nice day!

Sandeep said: (Oct 28, 2011)  
As per case 1 of Sundar, brother of girls mother is maternal uncle but not uncle.

In the question they given uncle but not maternal uncle.
So uncle is fathers brother.

In that case ans is cousin but not brother.

Preethi said: (Jan 6, 2012)  
Hey its confusing guys. How?

Jitendra Behera said: (Mar 1, 2012)  
According to me the answer is right.

Anshu said: (Apr 1, 2012)  
Nice explaination sundar.

Balakumar C said: (May 4, 2012)  
@Sundar. Good explanation. But there needs to be two corrections.

1. Your answer will be perfect when its given that "He is the son of the ""only"" daughter of the father of my uncle. ".

2. In Intro given by India bix, if its given simply as uncle, one has to take it as father's bro. One have to take it as mother's bro only when its given as maternal uncle. This is pointed by Sandeep.

Rajkumar said: (Dec 14, 2013)  
I got the answer without see the explanation when I saw this explanation I fully confused.

Ajay Singh said: (Dec 31, 2013)  
Question Says:

Uncle = Father's Brother.

Father of my Uncle= Grandfather of Boy---(1).

And son of the daughter of Grand Father Means she is the sister of Boys Father.

Both are Brothers.

Kapil Datta said: (Jun 13, 2014)  
The answer is either cousin or brother. Such dubiousness should be avoided while framing questions. Using the elimination process does not test any kind of logical reasoning skills in you, in fact it is an incorrect assumption on part of the content developer. Guys, since when have we started looking for the most logical answer amongst incorrect choices.

Ramkumar said: (Aug 14, 2014)  
The answer is correct,
My uncle (my Mother's brother)father - Grand father.

Daughter of grand father is girl's mother,
Son of daughter(girl's mother's son) - Answer is brother.

Sevarus said: (Aug 29, 2014)  
It should be option B?

Appalaraju.Boosa said: (Sep 1, 2014)  
I have not understood any of the given explanations. It would be better if you people use family tree diagrams for the explanation of these questions I mean for the blood relations.

Prashant K. Olekar said: (Sep 30, 2014)  
@Suresh Perfect answer thank you. The answer must be A.

Abhi said: (Oct 1, 2014)  
Very difficult for me to solve these types of questions. Please friend help me.

Abhijit said: (Mar 12, 2015)  
Very twirly very twisted but the butt of all questions is an answer so.

As both are brother and sister as He is the son of his uncle relating to the father of the uncle daughter of the uncle his grandfather.

Srikanth said: (Apr 11, 2015)  
Father of my uncle = grandfather.

Daughter of grandfather = mother.

Son of mother = brother.

It Tarun said: (Jun 4, 2015)  
Girl said, "He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle". How is the boy related to the girl?

For this Kind of question solve from back to front we search keyword my in "" (quotations) , in the sentence my uncle means girl uncle, then father of girl uncle means her grandfather, the daughter of grandfather means either mother or aunt. Son of mother is brother. So answer is brother.

Shalini said: (Jun 17, 2015)  
Its clear thank you friends.

Honey said: (Jun 29, 2015)  
Father of my uncle = Grand father.

Daughter of grandfather = Aunt.

Son of aunt = Cousin.

Abhishek said: (Jul 25, 2015)  
It should be cousin. As there is no option called cousin. We can choose brother as the correct option.

Nadim said: (Aug 31, 2015)  
Cousin is right option.

Tushar Shirsath said: (Sep 8, 2015)  
Correct answer is either cousin or brother.

Pooja said: (Sep 29, 2015)  
In explanation son of mother is brother please explain me that one.

Saurabh Singh said: (Sep 30, 2015)  
A girl says, 'the son of the father of my brother's sister's mother won a lottery'. She's the winners.

Ketan said: (Oct 9, 2015)  
If there will an option of cousin then what will be the answer?

Because the caught of girls uncle is aunt of girl. It means aunts children will be the cousins. That's what am asking.

Please tell anyone.

Dhanalekshmi.J.S said: (Oct 28, 2015)  
Nice, but it took time for me to do it.

Ksd said: (Jan 12, 2016)  
Great job guys I am understand the question clearly.

Sagar Zine said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
If they give the 5th option as a none of above then which should I select? And the correct answer is a cousin.

Pallavi said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
I think that the answer is correct because it is difficult and the explanation is quite easy. Once again thanks for all.

Akhilkondaparva said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
Father of Uncle = grand father.

Friend father's daughter = father's sister (girl's aunt).

Aunt's son = girl's cousin brother.

Since there is no option like cousin brother so the answer is the brother.

Asad said: (Sep 5, 2016)  
How we will identify that either they are talking about a paternal uncle or maternal uncle?

Shekhar Sharma said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
What is the answer?

If options are brother, nephew, father and none of these. According to me, the answer should be none of these because he is a cousin of girl.

Sumit said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
Is there is any more simple method to solve these type of question? Please tell me.

Naveen Mech said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
Super explanation, thank you all.

Manali said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
Nice explanation, Thank you all.

Ronaldo said: (Jan 14, 2017)  
According to me, The correct answer should be the cousin.

Tariq Dar said: (Jan 18, 2017)  
What about if the daughter is the girl herself (who introduces the boy)?

Then the answer will be son.

Tariq Dar said: (Jan 18, 2017)  
I think there should be only son in the option not son-in-law.

Bharathi said: (Feb 1, 2017)  
Ankit says "she is the sister of the daughter of my mother's sister" how is she related to Ankit?

Please answer it.

Shaheen Shabnam Nasim said: (Feb 17, 2017)  
Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, "His brother's father is the only Son of my Grandfather". How is the Woman related to the man in the photograph?

Please answer it.

Gunjan Thakral said: (Feb 26, 2017)  

The answer is cousin.

@Shaheen. The answer is sister.

Saravanan said: (May 5, 2017)  
Grandpa has two children one daughter and one son.

Daughter of father of my uncle = she is sister for man (my uncle).

Uncle sister have son.

And uncle sister is girl mother.

The boy is the brother of girl.

Rutika said: (May 25, 2017)  
According to me, the answer is None of this.

Because the Answer is He is a cousin of the girl.

Aliaa said: (May 30, 2017)  
I think the answer is a cousin as the boy is not the girl's own brother but her uncle"s son.

Sushant said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
According to my view, cousin should be answer.

Vaishali.M said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Clear explanation, thanks @ Tarun.

Mubashar said: (Mar 1, 2018)  
It is correct.

The logic is;

Father of girl's Uncle= Grandfather (May be from Mother side may be from Father sider)
1-IF grandfather from father side then answer will be "cousin".No option of cousin in answer so
2- Grandfather is from mother side now see girl's mother also grandfather's daughter not only her aunt that's why the answer is the brother.

Sravya said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
Here, my refers to the girl right?

Then in explanation they gave as boy. So please explain it clearly.

Sumithra said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
According to me, the answer should be cousin.

Joyce said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
It should be referred to the girl and the answer can be bother cousin or brother. But since the option cousin does not exist the answer is brother. But they should've included the option cousin or brother in my opinion.

Lohitha said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
Please anyone can explain with a diagram?

I can't able to understand.

Vishal said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
The answer should be Cousin.

Chandrani Paul said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
Nice explanation, thanks.

Wrik said: (Dec 10, 2018)  

The answer is A because since there is no option for a Cousin so it has to be brother since there is no cousin.

Savita Rampure said: (Feb 24, 2019)  

The answer is B according to the options given. Because my uncle can be both father's brother or mother's brother. If we take uncle as mother's brother then answer will be brother. Because daughter of father of her uncle is girls mother. Son of daughter is mother son. It means girl and boy are bother. But in case if we take uncle as father's brother than answer is cousin. But since cousin is not in options we can go for a brother.

Shivam said: (Sep 27, 2019)  
Thanks all for explaining this answer.

Dnyaneshwar Fartade said: (Feb 8, 2020)  
The answer should be Cousin. Because,
Uncle ~ Father's brother.

Vigneshwar said: (Feb 12, 2020)  
Yeah, I agree with Dnyaneshwar Fartade.

Akshat said: (Apr 14, 2020)  
It should be Cousin.

Revati said: (May 27, 2020)  
Thanks for all.

Najrul Islam said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
@Above all.

Uncle is 2nd generation,
Father too fall in.

According to me, Uncle's brother is father also fall in 2nd generation.

So, Father's daughter's Son is called cousin.

Sahil said: (Jul 23, 2020)  
How can we know that they were talking about maternal uncle?

Anshika said: (Aug 15, 2020)  
Nice explanation, thanks @Sundar.

Nagashayana said: (Aug 20, 2020)  
Cousin is the right answer.

Manasa said: (Sep 28, 2020)  

Your explanation helps me a lot, thank you.

Ayan Das said: (Oct 8, 2020)  
The boy's mother is the sister of that girl's uncle. It doesn't specify that the boy's mother is the mother of that girl. Am I right?

Sanjay said: (Oct 29, 2020)  
Nice explanation. Thanks.

Bhawna said: (Dec 8, 2020)  
Right answer should be cousin or brother, because it's not written whether father was only child or have a sister or another son. So, data is inappropriate.

Aakash Chauhan said: (Jun 11, 2021)  
@Najrul Islam.

You are absolutely right. Thanks.

Rangareddy said: (Sep 6, 2021)  
My explanation is;

F+ means Father.
U+ means uncle ( i.e., Girls Uncle) or Father's Brother,
He means Boy. So let Boy =B+

B+ ____Daughter (Girl).

So, the boy is related to the Girl is - Brother.

Sagar said: (Sep 15, 2021)  
is it like this
daughter=uncle=brother or sister
| |
son girl
now he may be brother or cousin to that girl

Sagar said: (Sep 15, 2021)  
is it like this
daughter=uncle=brother or sister
| |
son girl
now he may be brother or cousin to that girl

Ridhi said: (Oct 4, 2021)  

Here, you can understand it properly.

In this type of question (son of the daughter of the father of my uncle) reverse the chain

i.e. solve it this way.

Father of uncle.
Daughter of the father of uncle.

Son of the daughter of the father of uncle.

1) Father of an uncle (dad)
2) Daughter of the father of uncle.
3) Son of the Mom.
(Son of the mummy is brother).

Hope you understand.

Christina said: (Jan 24, 2022)  
crystal clear explanation. Thanks all.

Utkarsh said: (Feb 9, 2022)  
According to me, The answer should be Cousin.

Mohit said: (Mar 11, 2022)  
The father of the girl's uncle is the grandfather of the girl and the daughter of the grandfather is the sister of her father.

So, the daughter of the grandfather is her aunt.

Then. Aunt's son is brother of the girl.

Peer Abid Hussain said: (May 12, 2022)  
Their are two alteration in the given Question.

1. Only daughter.
2. Maternal uncle.

The question should be like this:

Introducing a boy, a girl said, " He is the son of the only daughter of the father of my maternal uncle. How is the boy related to the girl?

Therefore, the Answer is Brother.

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