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Pointing to Varman, Madhav said, "I am the only son of one of the sons of his father." How is Varman related to Madhav?

[A]. Nephew
[B]. Uncle
[C]. Father or Uncle
[D]. Father

Answer: Option C


Madhav is the only son of one of the sons of Varman's father → Either Varman is the father or uncle of Madhav.

Venkat said: (Jan 21, 2011)  
can any one explain how madhav is related as uncle ??

Nafish said: (Feb 9, 2011)  
As Father:

Varman's Father

As Uncle:

Varman's Father
Varman Another Son of Varman

one of the sons of his father.. Means Varman has brothers also. And Madhav may son of Varman or his brothers

Sarvat said: (May 1, 2016)  
I am not understanding this, please explain it clearly.

Sarvat said: (May 2, 2016)  
I don't understand this. Please, explain it in a easy way.

Bhargavvandavasi said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
Let me explain this;

Varman's Father.
|-> N number of sons.

Madhav is the only son of one of the sons of Varman's father,
So, Varman becomes the brother to son1 son2 etc.,
So, that Varman becomes father or uncle to Madhav.

Sarvat said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Thank you so much for all.

Mannu said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
I can't understand this answer please explain me.

Samreen said: (Dec 4, 2016)  

Thank you, you made me understood this logic.

S.Pradeep Hareesh said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
But the Question doesn't say anything about Varman, it just says who was Madhav. How could you relate Madhav to Varman? Madhav is just saying to Varman but not saying anything about Varman.

Nidhi Gupta said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
According to me, D answer can also possible.

Mouni said: (May 19, 2018)  
Anyone explain who Madhav is related as uncle?

Kameshwar said: (Jul 21, 2018)  
I think D is the correct answer.

Kameshwar said: (Jul 21, 2018)  
His father means Verman's father and One of the son is Verman and Madhav is the only son of Verman. That means its clearly mention that Verman is the father of Madhav.

Nayana said: (Sep 22, 2018)  
How Verman will become an uncle to Madhav?

Rushali said: (Apr 25, 2019)  
As Madhav is the only son of one of the sons of Varman's father, Varman can be Madhav's uncle or father as Varma himself is one of the sons of his father.

Suki said: (Oct 3, 2020)  
According to the question;

Madhav is the son of one of the son's of Varman's Father.
Let Varman's father be - X.
Now, simply seen X has more than 1 son. clear!!
Now Madhav is the son of one of X's son and also in the question it is given that X is the father of Varman.

So it can be seen that Varman can be the father of Madhav.
But in another case, Varman has brother Y; which is also the son of X.
So, it can be possible that Madhav is not a son of Varman but a son of Y.
So in that case, Varman will be uncle to Madhav.

So, the total answer is that Varman can also be the father and uncle of Madhav.

Hope, it Helps.

Phuntsho said: (Oct 31, 2020)  
The answer should be the only uncle because Madhav is only son of only brother of Varman. It is to count relation of Varman to Madhav.

Abhishek said: (May 3, 2021)  
Not getting it, Please explain to me.

Prasanta Malik said: (Jun 3, 2021)  
I think it should be D.

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