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Discussion :: Verbal Analogies - Section 1 (Q.No.5)

Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.



[A]. speech:dumb
[B]. language:deaf
[C]. tongue:sound
[D]. voice:vibration

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ramya said: (Sep 7, 2010)  
A blind person cannot see the light and a dumb person cannot speak.

Dev said: (Sep 8, 2010)  
It can also be like this - a blind doesnt knows what light is and a deaf doesn't knows what language is.

Hyndhavi said: (Nov 19, 2010)  
If a person is blind he cloudn't see light, in the sameway, he couldn't listen to a speech.

Prathyusha said: (Dec 16, 2010)  
Blind cant see light.
Dumb cannot speak.

So I pefer to answer A.

Ajay said: (Dec 16, 2010)  
Deaf cant hear. But can speak some language.

So I prefer to answer A.

Keerthi said: (Jan 6, 2011)  
Ya. what Ramya said is absolutely correct.

Sundar said: (Jul 31, 2011)  

Yes. The answer is Speech:Dumb.

Sometimes you may think - What can't 'language:deaf' be the answer ?

It should be like Sound:Deaf not as Language:Deaf.

A blind can't see Light.
A dumb can't speak.
A deaf can't hear sound.

Hope this will help to clear your doubts if any. Have a nice day!

Gaya3 said: (Aug 9, 2011)  
Thanks sundar.

Manasa.Telukunta@Gmail.Com said: (Aug 21, 2011)  

Thank you, it is very clear.

Jagadeesh said: (Dec 20, 2011)  
As the blind person cannot see the light similarly a dumb person cannt give speech.

Jimmy said: (Feb 10, 2012)  
Thanks Sundar. You sundarily explained it.

Satya said: (Sep 7, 2012)  
I didn't get this, if language is not their then what to speak ? acc to me answer b.

Radha said: (Mar 12, 2014)  
Through light we can see. Blind people can't see. In similar way speech can be used to talk dumb people can't talk.

Tanushree Bhandary said: (Sep 23, 2014)  
I think the opposite word of light is blind.
Similarly opposite word of speech is dumb.

So answer is A.

Saur said: (Feb 27, 2015)  
Correct answer is A. Because speech and dumb are opposite of each other.

Sanjay said: (Jun 29, 2015)  
Option A is 100% right.

Blind people cannot see anything especially light.

Also dumb cannot able to speak anything so speech is right answer.

In case of deaf, language is wrong option while it is sound instead of language then deaf will be right also.

Vaibhav said: (Sep 17, 2015)  
Blind cannot see and dumb cannot talk. Opposite to each other.

Asma said: (Dec 29, 2015)  
Blind can't see light.

Deaf can't listen language.

Can it be like this?

Soorya said: (May 22, 2016)  
Option A is the correct answer.

Without light we become blind.

Without speech we become dumb.

Sheela said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Yes I also agree, option A is the correct one.

Raghav said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Yes I too agree option A is right.

Kb Khan said: (Jan 18, 2017)  
Blind is always in a state opposite to light, similarly the dumb is always in a state opposite to speech.

Noor said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
Light is the opposite of dark so if he said light that means that in order to get a dark color we should blend it with another color.

So if he said that the answer is speech: dumb that is probably because speeches are by smart people and the opposite of smart is dumb.

Abc said: (Feb 17, 2017)  
Dumb can't able to speak.

Tara said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
This doesn't make sense to me. A lot of dumb people still have the ability to speak and give speeches.

Raga said: (Dec 5, 2017)  
For Blind, Light has no meaning. Similarly, giving a speech to a dumb has no meaning.

Deaf can't listen a language but can read a language.

Arpita Roy said: (Feb 17, 2018)  
Blind is related to light. Speech is related to dumb.

Priya said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
Blind can't see & dumb can't speak, so the answer is A.

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