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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



[A]. Sad
[B]. vigilant
[C]. Distorted
[D]. Tired

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Kuljeet Dhiman said: (Aug 4, 2010)  
Careful watch for problems.

Nishu said: (Apr 3, 2011)  
alert to avoid danger
eg:they were viligant(alert) about protecting their children.

Rituraj said: (Apr 20, 2011)  
Marked by keen caution and watchful prudence.

Vani said: (Jun 16, 2011)  
Thank you friends.

Shanmu said: (Sep 22, 2011)  

Bahadoor said: (Oct 22, 2011)  
If you know meaning of options please tell me in comments.

Parth said: (Dec 23, 2011)  
Distorted means to change or alter something, tired is full of or bored of something.

Megha said: (Sep 20, 2012)  
Wary means attentive.

Swetha said: (Oct 1, 2013)  
Wary is a synonym for vigilant which means to be careful.

Krishnachawariya said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
Wary means cautious/careful, so vigilant is right option.

Sonal D said: (Jan 25, 2014)  
Alert safe or careful and vigilant means watchful.

Ritu said: (Feb 17, 2014)  
Feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.

"dogs which have been mistreated often remain very wary of strangers".

Synonyms: cautious, careful, circumspect, on one's guard, chary, alert, on the alert, on the lookout, on the qui vive, prudent.

Jagannath Tiwari said: (Jun 12, 2015)  
They were vigilant about protecting their animal.

Yogesh Sahu said: (Jan 23, 2016)  
To be aware of the situation or circumstances or in other word being vigilant.

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