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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



[A]. Unbiased
[B]. Non-aligned
[C]. Undecided
[D]. Indifferent

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Neel said: (Sep 28, 2010)  
Unbiased refers to prejudiced decision, its answer either should be indifferent or undecided..

Surpriya said: (Oct 12, 2010)  
Answer can be non-aligned or unbiased. But broadly unbiased will be more appropiate.

Unbiased is NON prejudiced decision.

Bala said: (Dec 22, 2010)  
The correct answer is indifferent

Vasanthakumar said: (Dec 28, 2010)  
It means not favoring any of the indifferent is the correct answer

Premji said: (Mar 3, 2011)  
What about the "NON ALIGNED". Can any one explain?

Nag said: (Mar 27, 2011)  
Guys don't worry the syn is rite its in dictionary.

Sayak said: (Aug 10, 2011)  
Indifferent means showing no interest.

Man Mohan Singh said: (Aug 29, 2011)  
As neutral defined as no response to any of stumli so unbiased is the correct answer.

Bgk said: (Jul 11, 2012)  
Non-aligned means not connected to anybody under a predefined context & by the way unbiased is correct.

Narayana said: (Oct 16, 2012)  
Somebody said non alinged and some said unbaised. Which is right answer?

Harsha said: (Jan 4, 2013)  
Neutral in the sense someone (or) something should be ideal with out supporting any thing and I agree with undecided.

Selvendiran said: (Feb 20, 2013)  
Neutral means achromatic, electroneutral, impersonal, indifferent, inert.

Bishal said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
If Neutral is noun then it means unbiased or impartial.

Qaiser said: (Jul 4, 2015)  
Neutral which is something unconnected. Free of charge like unbiased.

Harini said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
Anyone, please explain the word unbiased clearly.

Arti said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
Anyone explain word unbiased?

Varma said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
For adjective it is non-aligned.

Gopal Gawande said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
Neutral means indifferent.

Unbiased means judicially.

Abishake said: (Jan 18, 2017)  
It means not relying on anything.

Jaisa Ram Patel Jp said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
D. Indifferent is the correct answer.

Sumithradevi.T said: (Jan 24, 2018)  
Indifferent & undecided can also be considered. Rather than unbiased.

Shahid said: (May 24, 2019)  
Answer must be non-aligned.

Sanjeet said: (Jun 29, 2020)  
Here indifferent is the correct answer.

Okechukwu said: (Jan 21, 2022)  
I think the correct synonym is Non-aligned.

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