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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.115)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. It is an established fact that the transcendental American poets and philosophers.
[B]. who lived in the latter half of the nineteenth century.
[C]. were more influenced by Indian philosophy, in particular by Upanishadic Philosophy.
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option C


Were much influenced by Indian Philosophy in particular by Upanishadic Philosophy.

Panky said: (Jan 12, 2011)  
A additional correction to be added in the above sentence is:.

Were much influenced by Indian Philosophy in particular by "the" Upanishadic Philosophy. Article the signifies importance given to a particular world of due importance. So here Upanishadic philosophy has to be appear after article "the".

Aadhith said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
Thanks for the info.

Is the word "latter" correct used in the 2nd sentence?

Isn't it should be "later" ?

Sundar said: (Feb 18, 2011)  
Latter :

1. (adj) Referring to the second of two things or persons mentioned (or the last one or ones of several)
2. (noun) The second of two or the second mentioned of two


1. (adv) Happening at a time subsequent to a reference time
2. (adj) Coming at a subsequent time or stage

Sai said: (Aug 18, 2011)  
Why can't it be "it was an established fact". Because the statements itself shows that it is a past tense.

Kirti said: (Sep 29, 2015)  
But the fact is still present so it is.

Harsh said: (Dec 4, 2020)  
I still couldn't understand the error here. Please anyone explain me to get it.

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