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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.3)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. I could not put up in a hotel
[B]. because the boarding and lodging charges
[C]. were exorbitant.
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option A


'I could not put up at a hotel'

Tamal Bhattacharjee said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
How could you put up at a hotel.

Aboli said: (Jan 9, 2011)  
Can any one tell me what will be the correct sentence construction for option A?.

Aboli said: (Jan 9, 2011)  
Wat is mean by "I could not put up at a hotel?" ?

Tamil said: (Jan 12, 2011)  
Why boarding will not, why its board.

Kanav said: (Jan 18, 2011)  
Please explain with grammatical logic.

Aadi said: (Jan 23, 2011)  
Please explain why '"I could not put up at a hotel?"?

Poornima said: (Feb 9, 2011)  
I can't understand what you try to say.please explain with gramatical errors.

T.V.Harish said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
"I could not put up at a hotel because the boarding and lodging charges were exorbitant" means "I could not stay at hotel as the charges are so high".

We can use board also as per UK format. But as per Asians knowledge, we generally use boarding and lodging only.

Jit Saha said: (Mar 7, 2011)  
Why "in hotel" is incorrect?plz tell me someone what is the difference between "in hotel" and "at hotel"?

Saimurthy said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
Please tell me difference between "in hotel "and at hotel"".

Vijay said: (Mar 27, 2011)  
I could not put up in a hotel is correct, but in this sentence look like that already knows of hotel and boarding charges so "I could not put up at a hotel" for exact.

Trupti said: (May 13, 2011)  
"could not put up in a hotel" Now no one stays in full hotel one stays in single room so
"I could not put up in a room" is correct however "could not put up at hotel" specifying a perticular hotel which is having high boarding and lodging rate.

Gopal said: (Jun 7, 2011)  
I think all of you does not know english rule, option c is incorrect because boardin and lodging are singular noun hence we use 'was ' there.

Ritika said: (Jul 4, 2011)  
@gopal: its for charges we are using "were" not for boarding and lodging.

Qadir said: (Jul 20, 2011)  
Can somebody tell me the difference between 'in' and 'at'

Vertika said: (Aug 1, 2011)  
'in' is used where we refer to some particular place. 'at' is used where we refer to something big. Like for eg. He lives "in Gomti Nagar" "at Lucknow".

Debojit said: (Aug 9, 2011)  
Why not ans B? why not "because of the boarding and lodging charges"?

Gunjan said: (Aug 19, 2011)  
We use "at" whn we r far from tht place and "in" is used whn we r inside tht place.
Eg.-I was supposed to meet her at the corner, but I found her in the drugstore.

Madhuri said: (Aug 26, 2011)  
Boarding & loding are correct.

Amar said: (Sep 11, 2011)  
A is correct

Ashok Raj said: (Sep 11, 2011)  
For particular places we should use 'at', but not 'in'.

Amit Raghuwanshi said: (Sep 14, 2011)  
Yes Ashok, we use 'on the roof' and 'at the bus stop' so use of these words differ by means of position.

Lekha said: (Sep 15, 2011)  
Use the word'in' when you are discussing cities, towns, and countries
Use the word 'at' when speaking about direction, street addresses, or position.
Dorothy lives in Kansas City.
She works at the market

Lekha said: (Sep 15, 2011)  
Use the word in when you are discussing cities, towns, and countries.

Ex. Dorothy lives in Kansas City.
You are going to live in Switzerland.

Use the word at when speaking about direction, street addresses, or position.

Ex. Bamby lives at 1216 SE 3rd Ave. Apt. 7.
What are you looking at?
She works at the market.

Kamal said: (Sep 16, 2011)  
in - is used for big places. Example: We live in india.

at - is used for small places. Example: He is at school.

Raj said: (Sep 22, 2011)  
Please anyone say exactly when to use 'in' & 'at'?

Sri Lakshmi said: (Sep 23, 2011)  
'in'- for a enclosed space(year , month , country ,state ,city)

Ex: in london, in a car , in the garden etc.,

'at' - for a point(time ,address ,street)

Ex: at home ,at work , at school , at reception etc.,

When will you arrive at the office?
Jane is waiting for you at the bus stop.
I have a meeting in New York.
Do you live in Japan?

Sri Lakshmi Chowlur said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
'at' for a point(day ,date , address , street)

Ex: at work , at school , at reception etc.

'in' for an enclosed space (year ,month , country, state, city)

Ex: in london , in france , in a box, in the newspaper etc.

Koteswari said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
In - is used for places which are big.

At - is for small locations.

Example: I did my schooling at sri sai chaitanya in guntur.

Sangavee Pm said: (Sep 30, 2011)  

As sri lakshmi chowlur,lekha and many others have posted , isn't luknow an enclosed space??? then how can it be "he lives in gomti nagar at lucknow " . plz some body do explain...

Silsila said: (Jan 3, 2012)  
How can "were" be used in option c, is it right to use "are" there ?

Kaushal Singh said: (Feb 14, 2012)  

He/she didnt stayed at a hotel... Where STAYED is a past tense thats why the word WERE is correct.........

Anand said: (Mar 1, 2012)  
Why it is "at a hotel" not "in a hotel?

Jinal said: (May 18, 2012)  
The proper sentence would be in a hotel.

Adella said: (Aug 27, 2012)  
It is common in British English to say "put up at" in the place of "stay at"

Rakesh said: (Oct 12, 2012)  
Why we add "at" before "hotel"?

Saran said: (Oct 21, 2012)  
'In a hotel' means 'inside the hotel' the sentence here 'i couldn't put up AT a hotel' refers that no need to put him inside hotel, it needs only near to hotel so we putting 'AT a hotel' here.

Shaaan said: (Jan 29, 2013)  
Excuse me all,

In is used for small area and at is used for big area like hotel.

If you mentioned a room then you can used in.

Vivek said: (Mar 5, 2013)  
At is written for exact point whereas in is written for large area Ex: He lives in Bombay.

Satya Singh said: (May 7, 2013)  
Option A is correct because hotel needs to be followed by "an" not by "a".

Ashish said: (Aug 28, 2013)  
Hello Everyone,

In - is used for places which are big.

At - is for small locations.

Please consider the above rule.

Luck said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
Boarding and lodging is a singular word Hence answer C is right. We should use here was in the place of were.

Shruthi M N said: (Sep 3, 2013)  
What is mean by "I could not put up at a hotel"?

Srividya said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
In is used for big places (like cities, states... ) and at for the small places (like particular place related to the city). For example: I am staying at Ameerpet located in Hyderabad. Here ameerpet is one of the area in the hyderabad.

Anu said: (Sep 28, 2013)  
Where we used in & at?

Please explain in detail manner.

I got so many confusion among all your explanations?

So please explain with appropriate examples.

Yamini said: (Oct 6, 2013)  
Using At, In, On Based on time:

At - is used for very specific period of time.
eg: At 3'o clock, At 6'o clock, at midnight, at noon...

On - using for one day or one date.
Eg: on monday, on friday, on new years day, on 25th, on 9th...

In - Wider period of time.
like moths, years, seasons, decades...
eg:I was born in summer, I was born in 1990...

Based on places:

At- specific location or Place
Eg- I live at #123 address, I'm at home,
I'm at rupa's home,
I'm at theater.

On- surface(horizontally and vertically) of the area.

Eg- I'm on the road (road is surface) .
My favorite show on TV is (Tv Screen is surface) .
In- something which is enclosed area.
I'm in school.
I'm in car.
I like to study in my bedroom.

If you have any doubt, you are free to ask.

Ujjawal said: (Oct 24, 2013)  
Yamini, you said that 'in' is used for enclosed surface and I guess hotel is an enclosed surface. So by your concept "in a hotel" is a correct sentence? Can you please clear my doubt over this?

Prachi said: (Nov 24, 2013)  
Can I use 'check in' in place of 'put up in'?

Aakash said: (Jan 10, 2014)  
In- is use with big places and with inside the room or inside any object.

At -is used for small places.

Tomendra said: (Feb 1, 2014)  
I could not put up in a hotel because the boarding and lodging charges were exorbitant. In the whole sentence part "B" and "C" is correct but part "A" have some grammatical mistake. Part "A" will be "I could not put up at a hotel".

Monika said: (Feb 9, 2014)  
India is a vast counter that gives immeasurable experiences to all visitors.

Is this sentence is correct or not? please explain.

Bhasker Seethala said: (Feb 20, 2014)  
I think its not much easy to judge english through comments, but can get an idea. Better by consulting top english professors.

Bujji said: (Feb 25, 2014)  
Grammatical mistakes are not problem when we will attend the interview but we have to speak fluently so please try to improve English speaking skills. Write or wrong that is not the problem they will observe only our fluent and soft skills this is my suggestion only. Thank you.

Sanket said: (Mar 5, 2014)  
Usage of 'Put up' itself is wrong.

Various meanings of 'Put up' doesn't fit in the sentence.

Shomeet said: (Apr 9, 2014)  
'I could not put up myself in hotel' is it right sentence?

Shyam said: (May 29, 2014)  
How one can put up in hotel?

The correct sentence is stay in hotel or put up at hotel.

Radhakrishna said: (Jun 18, 2014)  
While we consider the second sentence it say's he know about the charges before itself. So "in hotel" is incorrect, if he is not known about the charges then we can use "in hotel" but we need to change the second and third sentence as,

[B] if the boarding and lodging charges.

[C] are exorbitant.

Sarfraz Ahmad said: (Aug 26, 2014)  
I could not put up in the hotel(is correct). Because we don't know the name of hotel. If we know then we write "in the hotel".

Kasinath @Hyd said: (Aug 26, 2014)  
It is not "a hotel".

It is "an Hotel". H is precided by article "an".

Rajeshwar said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
As far as know none of the explanation are right.
And is A.
Fact is 'you can't put up WITH something'.

Priya said: (Nov 19, 2014)  
Kindly explain the difference between 'at hotel' and in a hotel.

Rohit Kaushik said: (Nov 21, 2014)  
When we talk about the place for staying and short stay we use 'at' preposition. But when use a fix location big city or anything else use 'in.

Abhi said: (Dec 9, 2014)  
For exact point we use at.

Ranjan said: (Dec 20, 2014)  
Can any one explain me, where exactly I can use would and could?

Anbuselvan said: (Jan 20, 2015)  
It should be "an hotel".

Pavankalyan said: (Feb 7, 2015)  
Can any one explain me? How answer [A]?

Radhika said: (Feb 8, 2015)  
In hotel is wrong because he is staying at some place in hotel. Not occupying all the hotel. So it is at hotel.

Harikrishna said: (Feb 28, 2015)  
Where do you stay? At home or in home? So the answer is at hotel (option A is wrong).

Konica said: (Jul 22, 2015)  
But also we say, I live in an apartment and that is correct.

In my opinion B should be wrong because "the boarding and lodging" is singular and should be followed by charge was very high.

Since there cannot be error in two sentences. Therefore it should be "The boarding and The lodging charges".

Hailey said: (Aug 5, 2015)  
Letter B has no error since the two words are parallel to each other. Since the first word is a gerund then the second word must also be a gerund.

A is the correct answer since a hotel is considered a place. And the linking verb "at" just suits the noun itself.

Pavithra.B said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
A is right answer, there is no meaning in this sentence.

Priyanka said: (Oct 30, 2015)  
In is used for large areas.
Eg: In India.

At is used for small areas.
At home.
At hospital.

Karan said: (Nov 18, 2015)  
A is correct because all public places like hotel, hospital, and small areas, for people need, is define by "at".

Yudhistira Naik said: (Dec 7, 2015)  
There is no doubt that the option 'A' is correct.

If you think the world is in my head, so it may be other.

Abchoudhary said: (Jan 26, 2016)  
Error in B part boarding and lodging replace by board and lodging.

Chitra Yesodharan said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
According to me, the answer might be option B.

Rishabh Agrawal said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
I think A is correct because instead of 'a' we should use 'an'.

Vishal Jatt said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
At is used for small and unimportant things like pub, hotel, village v/s that is used to denote big thins like country continent etc.


Prem Singh said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
Please explain the grammatical reason for option A.

Raj said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
People get very confused about these two prepositions, but there are a couple of simple tips you can use to help yourself remember how to use them.

In, as a proposition of the place is usually used to talk about the position of someone or something inside large places such as countries, continents, big cities etc.

For example:-.

She grew up in New Zealand.

At, as a preposition of place, is usually used to talk about the position of someone or something inside small and unimportant places such as villages, small towns etc.

Willy said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
"an hotel" is the correct grammar not a hotel.

Indhu said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
AT - exact time (my office opens at 9 am), speed (she drives her at 120 km) , building& events.

Ex: I'm at home, I'm at a hotel, I'm at a party, etc.

IN - we should use it when the noun is indicating the place or area.

Ex: I'm in Chennai, she is in this room, my dad is in the USA.

I was born in Chennai at KMC hospital. But also use IN - (month, year, seasons, long periods)

ON - day, date, electronic device.

Ex: He is on the phone, on a laptop, I'm on the train.

Rashik Thakur said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
At shows stationary position or existing states while In shows movement. At is used for small places, town etc while In shows big places, towns, city, country etc. At is used for point of time while In is used for a period of time.

1) She is at home. (Here at is used with home because home is stationary means it is not moving).
2) The train is in motion. (Here in is showing the moving state of train).
3) HPCA (Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association) stadium is at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. (Here at is used with Dharamsala because it is a small city while in is used with Himachal Pradesh because it is a big place).
4) The train will arrive at six in the morning ( Six: point of time, morning: period of time).

Other uses of At/In:
-> At is used for a precise time.
-> In is used for Months, Years, Centuries, Long Periods.
-> At is used for a point.
-> In is used for an enclosed space.

Jaga said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
"An hotel" should be the correct one.

Imran said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
On is used here. You can relate it as if you are above then your earth reference suppose you are on the bus, you are on the train.

Vipul said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
In is also used to indicate location or place. So option D is correct.

Utpal said: (Jan 20, 2017)  
Actually, A is the answar.

In & at are use in the sentence are mainly depend upon the type of sentence.

i.e - in a system a place in between another place. Then we first place use IN and another place use AT.

eg -in a room at a hotel.

Jamuna Rani said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
In - where there are numerous specific locations is possible for example : I'm in New York and I'm in us.

At- specific location (or) I'm at my hotel, I'm at home.

S P Singh said: (Mar 28, 2017)  
Which rule has been applied in this Sentence?

Gaurav Kumar Trivedi said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
Eg: we put up at a hotel in the city centre.

Vaishnavi said: (May 4, 2017)  

When we use IN A HOTEL it is incorrect.

Because it does not indicate any particular hotel.

If we want to use IN we must use THE. i.e in the hotel.

And when we want to use A we must use AT. i.e At a hotel.

Subhasish said: (May 27, 2017)  
Option B (board and lodging is correct form).

Priya said: (Jun 21, 2017)  
Why option A is correct? Please explain me.

Vaibhav said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
I thing we use 'put' generally for non living things. So Option A is incorrect. 'I couldn't stay' would be correct.

Abhi said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
It is always board and lodging.

So, the answer should be option B.

Priyanka said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
Option A is correct because we use at for small places and in for large places. As far as c is concerned. Question is talking about the charges which is plural and nor (boarding and lodging) as a whole. So were is used.

Varaprasad said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
It should be at in first sentence because.

At is more specific than in.

Option A is correct.

Rahul said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
Put up means Stay.

Mayank said: (Nov 5, 2017)  
Put up is incorrect word here.

The correct sentence will be : I could not stayed in a hotel.

Pranjal said: (Nov 25, 2017)  
Thanks for the explanation @Gunjan.

Shree said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
Well explained. Thank you.

Vishakha said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
In the hotel is also correct.

Arpan Kumar said: (Apr 14, 2018)  
"in" is used to talk about the position of someone or something inside large places such as countries, continents etc.

"at" is used to talk about the position of someone or something inside small places such as hotel, pub, small towns etc.

Sohit said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
Here, 'put up with' is a right phrase.

Surabhi said: (May 21, 2018)  
Right phase at the replacement of 'put up' is?

Dheeraj said: (May 23, 2018)  
Why option A is correct? Please explain me.

Yashika said: (Aug 7, 2018)  
I think D is incorrect because when an an article is used before only one noun or thing then verb must be sigular.

Here in the given sentence it is "the boarding and lodging charges" so the D should be "was exorbitant".

Rohit said: (Sep 2, 2018)  
We can't use "in" before hotel it must be at hotel.

Neeraj said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
Yes, put up at hotel should use instead of put up in hotel. As at is the prepositional word and it is used for the proper place.

Eg:- I am in my room.

He is at the hotel room no 7 etc.

Rushi said: (Oct 29, 2018)  
Explain those understand that question or answer.

Pooja Sharma said: (Dec 10, 2018)  
Please tell the errors with rule.

Syedg said: (Dec 11, 2018)  
I agree. The correct answer is "I could not put up at in a hotel".

Harsha.M said: (Dec 20, 2018)  
At means nearby, I am at a hotel.

In means inside, I am in a hotel.

Here, Time of situation matters.

Kunal said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
Like put up with is used for living thing, what prepositions use after put up (. )

For non living things.

Shreyansh said: (Feb 16, 2019)  
Why it can't be "put up at the hotel" because the hotel is known. So instead of at a, it should be at the hotel.

Can anyone tell me?

Jiyaul said: (Mar 30, 2019)  
Generally we use, In, for inside a three dimensional structure like, in the plane, in the room, in the car but we use, At, for the exact location like, at the school, at the road, at the mall, at the restaurant, etc.

Praveen said: (Jul 19, 2019)  
I could not put in a hotel is the correct answer. Don't use put after up there is no meaning.

Hasan said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
In hotel means already staying in hotel. And at hotel means it can be inside of the hotel or outside of the hotel.

Salil Kumar said: (Sep 9, 2019)  
"I could not put up at a hotel because the boarding and lodging charges were exorbitant" means "I could not stay at hotel as the charges are so high". This is the right answer.

Biplab said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
"we live in Bihar at our home town Patna ", so basically 'in' is used for a larger area and 'at' is used for a smaller area.

Francis said: (Sep 18, 2019)  
Option A is correct. Agree with the given answer.

Sanjay said: (Dec 9, 2019)  
Can't get still.

Supriya Singh said: (May 3, 2020)  
In is incorrect, because in used for the deep things and at used for the ground so at is the correct answer.

Omkar Gurav. said: (Jul 26, 2020)  
I think 'I couldn't put up at a hotel' is the correct sentence.

Anand said: (Sep 21, 2020)  
We use 'at' in front of places. Not 'in'.

Anand said: (Sep 21, 2020)  
We use 'at' in front of places. Not 'in'.

Mohit said: (Oct 21, 2020)  
It is very clear that "IN" is used for a large area but "AT" is used for exact location.

Chetan said: (Feb 26, 2021)  
How can charges be expensive? Please explain.

Swaraj Nandi said: (Mar 23, 2021)  
Two prepositions can't be used at a time. i.e 'up' and 'at.

Machine said: (Apr 23, 2021)  
Here 'put up' is a phrasal verb so there is no need to segregate the meaning into two.

Ratul said: (Jul 11, 2021)  
I think there should be 'at the hotel'. Becouse, here we talk about a particular hotel. The charges cannot be exorbitant for all hotels.

Prachi said: (Aug 24, 2021)  
"At" is used when you are at the top, bottom, or end of something; at a specific address; at a general location; and at a point.

"In" is used in space, small vehicle, water, neighborhood, city, and country.

Aniket said: (Sep 21, 2021)  
''At'' uses for specific place or point.

While ''In''' used for city, country alike something big.

Mahmudul Hasan. said: (Jan 1, 2022)  
put up(at..) =(especially British English).

To stay somewhere for the night.

We put up at a motel there.

Forne said: (Jan 24, 2022)  
As per rules, we cannot use an article in front of hotel, remove "a" infront of hotel.

Shourya Verma said: (Mar 31, 2022)  
I think you are wrong @Vertika.

Eg: I live at Barra in Kanpur, will be more precise.

Sideman said: (Aug 11, 2022)  
I think the answer is option (A) "put up with".

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