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Find the correctly spelt words.


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. Puerrile
[B]. Puerrille
[C]. Purrile
[D]. Puerile

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Jyoti said: (Jun 19, 2010)  
puerile means exhibiting silliness; immature; trivial

Varsha said: (Jun 29, 2010)  
exhibiting silliness,trivial,immature

Madhu said: (Jul 3, 2010)  
Characteristic of a child or suggesting a lack of maturity.

Nagini said: (Jul 9, 2010)  

Manjupriya said: (Jul 14, 2010)  
puerile means childish,immature

Jacky said: (Jul 16, 2010)  
Belonging to childhood

Pushpendra Kumar said: (Aug 18, 2010)  
silly or childish

Padmaja said: (Dec 6, 2010)  
puerile(adj) : childish,unimportant

Rocky said: (Jan 30, 2011)  
puerile means childish

Krishna said: (Mar 1, 2011)  

Sam said: (May 6, 2011)  
Displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity.

Ritu said: (Aug 4, 2011)  
belonging to childhood.

Sarmita said: (Mar 11, 2012)  
Puerile = juvenile.

Ravi said: (May 17, 2012)  
Childishly silly and trivial.

Regina said: (Aug 3, 2012)  
What is the origin of this word and the pronunciation ?

Aakanksha said: (Jan 17, 2013)  
Puerile means pertaining to child.

Prikshit said: (Feb 22, 2013)  
1. Belonging to childhood; juvenile.

2. Immature; childish.

Preeti said: (Oct 8, 2014)  
Silly or childish especially in a way that shows a lack of seriousness or good judgment.

Jini said: (Jun 11, 2016)  
It means childishly silly or immature.

Ankur Gujrati said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
It means: Childishly, silly and immature.

Pooja said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
It means: childish, careless.

Syed Waqar said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
It means silly or childish especially in a way that shows a lack of seriousness.

Vino said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
It means childish.

Dreamcatcher said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
It means childishly silly and immature.

Devika said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
How to pronounce puerile?

Spyder said: (Jul 9, 2020)  
A person who is emotionally childish and funny.

Raju said: (Sep 5, 2020)  
Eg: Raju beats small kids this shows his Puerile activity.

Nidhi said: (Dec 3, 2020)  
Puerile means childish or immature.

Ravikant Kumar said: (Jan 20, 2022)  
Puerile means childish or immature.

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