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Discussion :: Sentence Improvement - Section 1 (Q.No.5)

In questions given below, a part of the sentence is italicised and underlined. Below are given alternatives to the italicised part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, option 'D' is the answer.


his powerful desire brought about his downfall.

[A]. His intense desire
[B]. His desire for power
[C]. His fatal desire
[D]. No improvement

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Jyothi said: (Aug 4, 2011)  
It is a negative sentence. So B is correct.

Naina said: (Oct 24, 2011)  
Why not C?

Jyothsna said: (Jan 19, 2012)  
I don't understand the sentence.

Trilok said: (Aug 21, 2012)  
The question stresses on desire and the answers tells us about the "power" that I can't understand.

Surya said: (Sep 11, 2012)  
Why not A?

Tsamchoe said: (Oct 22, 2013)  
It says that his desire to do something is very powerful so we can not use intense.

Flint said: (Oct 9, 2014)  
But here the desire word has been given stress, i.e. it is powerful.

Suresh said: (Nov 18, 2014)  
I considering the meaning of the sentence, there is no proper answer in choice, in question they speak about desire & in answer they tell about power.

Sanjeeban said: (Jan 27, 2015)  
His powerful desire for what?


'A' is correct.

Arnesh said: (Aug 18, 2015)  
As downfall is a negative comment thus I feel C should be a option A fatal.

Mouni said: (Dec 6, 2015)  
Here in this sentence, downfall is a negative word so we have to use His Desire For Power. Obviously option 2 is correct.

Benit said: (Mar 10, 2016)  
The sentence describes the "Desire", how was the desire? It was powerful. That means it was an intense desire. So what I understand it is option A.

Manas said: (Apr 17, 2016)  
I am not understanding this perfectly. Please describe it in easy way.

Sia said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
I think the option A is correct.

Shubham said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
I think "desire for power" and "powerful desire" has completely different meaning, the first sentence shows that somebody has the desire to come in power and rule, and other sentence shows that somebody has a strong desire to achieve something.

Priya said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
I agree with @Sanjeeban.

Option A is correct.

In above sentence. It was his strong desire which brought a change. Which was negative. The whole sentence doesn't become negative right.

Jagan said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
As per my view "intense" something happening rapidly, but it's not expressing the power of happening. But answer B depicts the power of desire. Hence the cause of downfall. Also fatal is expressing something low power.

Manish said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
Given statements are confusing me. Please describe it in an easy way.

Kamaljit Malakar said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
I think option C is correct. Am I right?

Sakthi said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
I think option A is correct.

Dee said: (Oct 26, 2016)  
Yes, option A is correct. The emphasis is on how powerful his desire is. Isn't it the same as how intense his desire is?

Vikrant said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
Why not C?

Saurav said: (May 11, 2017)  
Why not c is the answer?

Angel said: (Jun 7, 2017)  
I think A is the right answer.

Brizzy said: (Jul 16, 2017)  
B is the right answer bcos we are asked to improve the sentence, not the synonym. Option B is the right improvement for the question.

Mohana said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
What is the meaning of fatal?

Harsha said: (Apr 20, 2018)  
The question depends on improvement only, not on synonym or antonym. So, C is also correct.

Vishal Gautam said: (Sep 25, 2019)  
Can anybody tell me the correct answer?

Asladin said: (Mar 31, 2020)  
I agree, it is option A.

Juhi Ramnani said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Yes, option A is correct.

Vijay Ratam Somdjh said: (Mar 9, 2021)  
"his powerful desire" the desire that he has is powerful like a desire to become a Boxer, It does not means that he has a desire for power only, but anything including Power.

Jay said: (Mar 14, 2021)  
The sentence says that desire is related to power but it couldn't express the type of desire correctly. It should have been his intense desire for power.

Kreq said: (May 20, 2021)  
It should be option A.

Kreq said: (May 20, 2021)  
It should be option A.

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