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Discussion :: Sentence Improvement - Section 1 (Q.No.63)

In questions given below, a part of the sentence is italicised and underlined. Below are given alternatives to the italicised part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, option 'D' is the answer.


The cloud of misfortunes appears to have blown out.

[A]. over
[B]. up
[C]. away
[D]. No improvement

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ankit Kumar said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
Can Anyone please let me know why the answer (c) isn't correct?

Lakshmipriya said: (Dec 30, 2013)  
Blown away means " To kill by shooting, especially with a firearm". But Blown over means "To subside". So A is correct. Will you satisfy with my answer?

Anuvansh said: (Oct 25, 2015)  
I guess blown away will be more appropriate answer.

Gaurav said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with your answer, @Lakshimipriya.

Saja said: (Jul 12, 2017)  
Yes, Agree @Anuvansh.

Maheshperugu said: (Aug 13, 2018)  

Blown away is the correct option.

Lakshmi said: (Oct 21, 2018)  
Eg Sentence: If something such as trouble or an argument blows over, it ends without any serious consequences.

Saurabh said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Blown over means fade away without serious consequences. Hence option A is correct.

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