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Discussion :: Sentence Formation - Section 1 (Q.No.5)

In each question below a sentence broken into five or six parts. Join these parts to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer.


1. of 2. we 3. heard
4. him 5. had  

[A]. 42351
[B]. 52341
[C]. 25341
[D]. 25431
[E]. 25314

Answer: Option E


"We had heard of him."

Arumugam said: (Oct 7, 2015)  
How it is possible this sentence?

Srikanth said: (Jun 6, 2017)  
The correct order is had we heard of him.

Sai Sankar Nadh said: (Sep 3, 2017)  
Had we heard of him.

Vaishnavi Meherkar said: (Jul 24, 2018)  
The correct form is; Had we heard of him.

Surya said: (Jun 19, 2020)  
The correct answer is;

We had heard of him.

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