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Discussion :: Selecting Words - Section 1 (Q.No.20)

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.


If negotiations are to prove fruitful, there must not only be sincerity on each side, but there must also be ...... in the sincerity of the other side.

[A]. faith
[B]. belief
[C]. substance
[D]. certainty

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Chandu said: (Jan 7, 2011)  
Why can't it be belief ?

Chhavi said: (Jan 17, 2011)  
Belief and faith are said to be synonyms.

Sam said: (Jan 22, 2011)  
Faith is +ve in meaning. Belief may or may nt be +ve :-)

Ankush said: (Aug 17, 2011)  
Belief implies mental acceptance of something as true, even though absolute certainty may be absent whereas faith implies complete, unquestioning acceptance of something i.e. something not supported by reason.

So faith is more appropriate.

God Said said: (Sep 26, 2011)  
Why it cannot be substance? The right option is substance (substance means some matter or some point in it).

Bibin said: (Dec 21, 2011)  
Faith agrees with 'in' more than other options do.

Naga said: (Dec 5, 2013)  
What is the difference between faith and belief?

Imran Ali said: (Sep 8, 2014)  
Faith and belief have a bit difference, faith is used always in positive sense while belief may or may not used in positive sense. Here best choice is faith.

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