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Discussion :: Selecting Words - Section 1 (Q.No.12)

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.


To err is ...... to forgive divine.

[A]. beastly
[B]. human
[C]. inhuman
[D]. natural

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Sandeep said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
What is ment by err?

Radhika said: (Jan 9, 2011)  
Err means "to do wrong".

Vicky said: (Feb 1, 2011)  
It's a famous quote I hope every one aware of this.

Sundar said: (Feb 1, 2011)  
err: Be mistaken or incorrect; make a mistake

Likhithasri said: (Feb 24, 2011)  
Very good sentence.

Sonu said: (May 31, 2011)  
Err means something spoil

Xyz said: (Aug 7, 2011)  
Here err means to do wrong.

Sundar said: (Aug 20, 2011)  
Human is the correct answer.

Simply to say "Man doing mistakes - God forgives it".

Suman Sahu said: (Sep 12, 2011)  
To Err is to Human is a famous proverb.

Jagadeesh said: (Sep 17, 2011)  
When people do things wrong we should try hard to forgive them because all people make mistakes.

Tns said: (Oct 14, 2011)  
Divine means?

Naveen said: (Nov 5, 2011)  
Good explanation Sundar.

Sam said: (Nov 26, 2011)  
@tns divine means god.

Nisha said: (Jan 14, 2012)  
Thanks sundar.

Archana said: (Jan 19, 2012)  
Err means doing mistakes, to err human to forgive divine means, human always do mistakes and god always forgive mistakes.

Gopi said: (Jul 23, 2013)  
What is meaning of err?

Indu said: (Sep 6, 2013)  
How can we know the meaning of every word given. Is their any simple way?

Prakash said: (Sep 16, 2013)  
Err means to make a mistake, and divine means god or some thing nexus to god, but here we have to take god as the meaning in this scenario,

According to famous adage "men do mistakes and god forgives them ".

So that, most appropriate word is Human(B).

Uma said: (Sep 30, 2013)  
err is a mistake. It means human beings commit mistakes, so to err is human and to forgive divine.

Shiva said: (Sep 23, 2014)  
To err is human, to forgive divine :

It is human nature to make mistakes oneself while finding it hard to forgive others.

Rakshit Jain said: (Feb 6, 2015)  
What is the meaning of sentence?

Ekta said: (Jun 18, 2015)  
Thanks for the explanation.

Neha said: (Jun 24, 2016)  
Err--means mistake and Divine are related to god here.

A human does mistake and god forgives that mistake.

Somanath said: (Dec 18, 2018)  
Err means incorrect/wrong.

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