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Discussion :: Selecting Words - Section 1 (Q.No.163)

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.


A stone that goes on rolling ...... no moss.

[A]. collects
[B]. gets
[C]. gathers
[D]. accumulates

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Sam Roy said: (Sep 7, 2013)  
Why not A?

Mouni said: (Sep 8, 2014)  
collects means get ------ a collect call.
gathers means assemble --- gather some stones.

Amare said: (Nov 20, 2015)  
Why not D?

Pratibha said: (Jun 16, 2016)  
It is English proverb.

The meaning is " A person who does not settle in one place will not accumulate wealth or status, or responsibilities or commitments".

Zeeshan said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
We generally collect information but a stone gathers moss (avalanche). Also, accumulates is not correct because we use it scenarios when the object is still (stone accumulates dust over time). Thus collects is the answer.

Yadav said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
A rolling stone gathers no moss is an old proverb, so option C is correct.

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