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Discussion :: One Word Substitutes - Section 1 (Q.No.6)

In questions given below out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.


State in which the few govern the many

[A]. Monarchy
[B]. Oligarchy
[C]. Plutocracy
[D]. Autocracy

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Bhagyashree said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
Oligarchy: form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people.

Plutocracy means rule by the wealthy or power provided by wealth.

Autocracy means one person possesses unlimted power.

Shweta said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
What does monarchy means?

Diwakar Das said: (Jul 5, 2012)  
Monarchy means a system of government characterized by a king queen as ahead of the government.

Sass said: (Sep 8, 2014)  
A form of government in which only a small group of people hold all the power.

Yash said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
How does monarchy differs autocracy?

Vijaya Lakshmi said: (Feb 15, 2015)  
What is Plutocracy?

Joanie Macute said: (May 14, 2015)  
Monarchy is when a country is ruled by a king or queen while Autocracy is when a country or organization is completely controlled by one person.


Joanie Macute said: (May 14, 2015)  
Plutocracy is when a country is govern by a group of rich people :).

Chandra said: (Nov 6, 2015)  
So does it mean that the difference between oligarchy and plutocracy is one is powered by wealth and the other isn't?

Aswhin said: (Dec 11, 2016)  
A small group of people having control of a country or organization.

Pavan Sid said: (Sep 20, 2018)  
Oligarchy means a small group of people having control of a country or organization.

Kunal said: (Dec 2, 2019)  
Whats the difference between monarchy and autocracy?

Pranita said: (Jan 1, 2020)  
What is plutocracy?

Nits said: (Sep 13, 2020)  
Plutocracy -society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

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