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"I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done."
- Marie Curie

Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, E (i.e.) 'None of these' will be the answer.


To cry wolf

A. To listen eagerlyB. To give false alarm
C. To turn paleD. To keep off starvation
E. None of these


To end in smoke

A. To make completely understand
B. To ruin oneself
C. To excite great applause
D. To overcome someone
E. None of these


To be above board

A. To have a good height
B. To be honest in any business deal
C. They have no debts
D. To try to be beautiful
E. None of these


To put one's hand to plough

A. To take up agricultural farming
B. To take a difficult task
C. To get entangled into unnecessary things
D. Take interest in technical work
E. None of these


To pick holes

A. To find some reason to quarrel
B. To destroy something
C. To criticise someone
D. To cut some part of an item
E. None of these

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