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Sometimes we went off the road and on a path through the pine forest. The floor of the forest was soft to walk on; the frost did not happen it as it did the road. But we did not mind the hardness of the road because we had nails in the soles and heels nails bit on the frozen ruts and with nailed boots it was good walking on the road and invigorating. It was lovely walking in the woods.


We found great joy on account of

[A]. wearing nailed boots
[B]. the good long walk on the road
[C]. walking occasionally through the forest
[D]. walking on frost with nailed boots on

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sarah said: (Nov 28, 2014)  
Option D.

It felt good and energizing to walk on the road because of the nailed boots.

And the passage starts such that (implicitly of course): Though it was lovely taking a detour from the road to the forest. But they liked walking on the road just fine. And later the reason behind this joy is discussed.

This is basically a central idea based question.

Harpreet said: (Feb 4, 2017)  
As it says frost didn't happen as it did the road then answers don't seem to be right as it is mentioned. I'm confused. Please explain this.

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