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Harold a professional man who had worked in an office for many years had a fearful dream. In it, he found himself in a land where small slug-like animals with slimy tentacles lived on people's bodies. The people tolerated the loathsome creatures because after many years they grew into elephants which then became the nation's system of transport, carrying everyone wherever he wanted to go. Harold suddenly realised that he himself was covered with these things, and he woke up screaming. In a vivid sequence of pictures this dream dramatised for Harold what he had never been able to put in to words; he saw himself as letting society feed on his body in his early years so that it would carry him when he retired. He later threw off the "security bug" and took up freelance work.


In his dream Harold found the loathsome creatures

A. in his villageB. in his own house
C. in a different landD. in his office


Which one of the following phrases best helps to bring out the precise meaning of 'loathsome creatures'?

A. Security bug and slimy tentacles
B. Fearful dream and slug-like animals
C. Slimy tentacles and slug-like animals
D. slug-like animals and security bug


The statement that 'he later threw off the security bug' means that

A. Harold succeeded in overcoming the need for security
B. Harold stopped giving much importance to dreams
C. Harold started tolerating social victimisation
D. Harold killed all the bugs troubled him


Harold's dream was fearful because

A. it brought him face to face with reality
B. it was full of vivid pictures of snakes
C. he saw huge elephant in it
D. in it he saw slimy creatures feeding on people's bodies

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