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Discussion :: Change of Voice - Section 1 (Q.No.2)

In the questions below the sentences have been given in Active/Passive voice. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Passive/Active voice.


I remember my sister taking me to the museum.

[A]. I remember I was taken to the museum by my sister.
[B]. I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.
[C]. I remember myself being taken to the museum by my sister.
[D]. I remember taken to the museum by my sister.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Swetha said: (Sep 29, 2011)  
Since ing comes with take being should come in passive voice.

Divya Rajan S said: (Nov 14, 2011)  
The order should be subject+verb+object.

Pallavi said: (Jan 18, 2013)  
why [c] is not possible ?
it seems correct !

Jishan said: (Oct 25, 2013)  
In case of present continuous verb+ing, being is used in passive voice.

Abhi said: (May 10, 2014)  
C is the right answer.

It is correct because there should be a myself if the sentence contains "taking me to the museum".

Debayan Basu said: (Oct 24, 2014)  
I think option C is the correct one. It is more pleasing to hear too.

Sarath said: (Jun 16, 2015)  
In case of infinitive and gerund statements we usually omit the world like "myself".

Hence C is wrong.

Hope you all got it. Thanks.

Lorrick said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
Why not [C] it's not possible?

Navya Prabhu said: (Oct 29, 2015)  
Yes in the gerund statement like this one 'myself' is omitted. @Sarath your correct.

Suresh Chary said: (Jun 8, 2016)  
I also think C is the correct answer.

Gaurav said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
C is correct option. Surely.

Veera said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
I think C is the correct answer.

Arman said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
B is the only correct answer. I agree.

Monika Salaria said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
Why C is not correct?

Prakhar said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
I think C is correct.

Madhuparna said: (Dec 3, 2017)  
My sister taking to the museum was remembered by me.

Malay said: (Apr 10, 2018)  
I Don't understand. Please explain the answer.

Suzan said: (Feb 1, 2020)  
I think 2 is the correct answer.

Abdul Qayuum said: (Jun 4, 2020)  
Agree, C seems to be the correct answer.

Kuntala Biswas said: (Feb 6, 2021)  
I think the C should be the correct answer.

Zewudu Paulos said: (Feb 28, 2021)  
Why it couldn't be I was being taken, because its structure ' to be +v3'?

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