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Zensar Interview Experience - September 2016

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Hello, Everyone.

First of all, before starting this, I want to say if you haven't started preparing for aptitude yet. Boss leave everything and start preparing or even if you are not confident about solving questions you need to practice hard for aptitude. Be it quants or verbal or analytical, because aptitude is gonna be the major reason for your elimination in any campus.

Okay, so starting with Zensar experience.

As you all know already 4 rounds are there.

1. Aptitude.
2. GD.
3. Technical Interview.
4. HR Interview.

So let's see some info. About 1st round i.e. Aptitude.

Previous Pattern of Aptitude was -

1. Quants, Verbal, Analytical.
2. Technical.
3. Programs (2).
4. SQL queries.

For my batch and I think current pattern is, there were total 50 Questions.

1. Quants were 30 (30 mins).
2. Technical questions 20 (20 mins).

You need 25 out of 50 anyhow to crack this round.
No sectional cut off. During my time but you better confirm this with your TPO or HR.

Quants section was having topics like:

1. Time speed and distance.
2. Problems on trains (3-5).
3. Allegation and mixture (1-3).
4. Age (3-5).
5. Pipes and cisterns (2-4).
6. Ratio.
7. Average.
8. Clock (1-2).
9. Calendar (1-2).
10. Analytical (1-2), etc.

As you probably might have said in mind or out loud that these are mostly all the imp. topics.
For apti. YES, these are. You can't expect 30 questions to come on 2 or 3 topics. So study well for this.

Trust me when I say it's too damn hard to solve 30 quants in 30 mins. So that's why in the beginning I said too practice hard for aptitude. Because while solving you end up panicking yourself that time is running fast and you have solved few only. So be really fast while solving if you are not able to solve switch to next questions.

Prepare from R.S.Aggarwal as well as IndiaBix site there were lot students claiming that questions were from both the resources.

Next thing Technical questions:

Basic concepts of C, C++, OS, DS, Java.

Trust me these were really really basic questions. If you have a bit of clear understanding and you can relate things you will get 20 out of 20 here. All the questions were theoretical, no programming was included to find output or error, etc.

Good luck for this round. :) As luck is really a factor over here. ;)

2. Group Discussion:

Now this round depends upon the HR person who's conducting this round for your group. Some people conduct Ex tempo. The topics are really easy and well known like India, Globalization, daily topics nothing deeper.

Some people conduct Group Discussion. Sometimes, the HR person will give topic directly or ask your group to select few topics and from them he/she will choose the topic and then your GD starts.

GD or ex-tempo. Start with your introduction. Most of the time HR person give points like yourself, educational background, family background, future aspirations, etc. So on those points, you have to introduce yourself.

The key to crack this round is also you already know.. ;) but still, will mention it. Confidence. Eye contact while communicating in group
It's not always about how much you talk but also how much imp. Points you represent to topic.

So be specific and try to give very imp points with real life ex. If you know.
Speaking English is mandatory of course.
Do not switch to any other language.
If you are not good in English, join some English classes or learn from some way but don't let it be the reason to get you eliminated from the process even if you have great knowledge.

3. Technical Interview:

Basically, what they check in this round is your basic concepts are clear or not or you just have remembered them.
For this actually you need to study the subject like C , C++, Java, SQL in detail so you can answer any questions but as you are probably reading this few days earlier to your campus I'll suggest sitting in group of friends and ask each other questions so you will get maximum knowledge also Google is best for this. Get question and Google it.

Also very imp. That only put things in your resume that you know about not for the key of it looks or sounds cool to know this much, they do ask mostly everything on your resume.

Some questions from my interview:

- Introduce yourself (yes they asked this here as well) be confident. Do not stumble while talking.
- Explain your project (Diploma (if), mini, current)
- Cloud computing concepts
- Diff types of cloud
- Diff between private and public cloud
- OOPS concepts
- What is OOPS?
- What is JSP?
- What is servlet?
- Diff between OOPS and Java
AND other basic questions that you will find in other placement papers and on Google.

Explain your project in detail. If you don't know the answer directly say "sorry sir/mam I don't know about this or I can't recall this" do not push the answer as next question gonna be subsequent to that.
Be confident while answering and smile will be cheery on the top.

4. HR Interview:

Basic questions like,
- Introduce yourself - do not stop until HR stops you.
- Tell about your positive things, your strengths. l Iike which competition you have won or co-ordinated, even if you tell negative thing to tell how are you, improving it.
- Will you be comfortable to relocate to any site?
- Will you be comfortable to work In diff time?
- Do you have any questions?
- Do ask something that sounds good and intelligent. Don't spoil it by asking something stupid.

If you have cleared technical 90 percent you are IN.
As per my opinion, your technical interview plays the most important role. If you have damn good technical you are placed. While I was giving HR I got the feeling that I am already placed and at the end, the HR said as well that you will be joining the company next year.

So prepare well.

Hope this help you. Between really do prepare, work hard for all the rounds as this gonna make your parents proud the most when you get placed.


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