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Wipro Interview Experience - Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, 1/09/2016 & 3/09/2016

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Hey guys! First of all the best to each and every one of you for your preparation and upcoming interviews and I hope my experience helps each and everyone of you and at the end I have provided a guide for all of you to how to prepare (with reference to what I myself did and was successful).

So, this year our college started its Day 0 slot sharing campus recruitment with Wipro Technologies. We had to register online prior to the interview process and get the printed copy of our passes. Remember no student with a backlog was allowed to register. Now we were told to reach the college at 8:30 in the morning. So on the day after reaching college at around 10 Wipro gave their Pre-Placement talk and from 11 the aptitude tests started. The test was conducted by AMCAT/Aspiring Minds and it was adaptive in nature. Now Wipro had different processes for different candidates- One for the toppers (75 % all throughout from 10th to current semester exam and luckily I was one of them).


1. Toppers:-

Aptitude- 14 questions on technical -java/dbms/c/ds and you need some good concepts in it to clear this round and then 25 mins to write an essay- my topic was Social service (in our case out of 135,101 cleared this round).

Technical Interview - 34 from the toppers i.e. 101 cleared this round.

Hr Interview - 32 cleared this round from toppers.

2. Non Toppers:-

Aptitude - Quants(16) + Logical(14) + Verbal(25) +Technical(14) + Essay (so you see a lot more for the non toppers and only 30 out of 240 cleared this round).

Technical Interview - 10 cleared this round from 30.

Hr Interview - 8 cleared this round from non toppers(So you see for Wipro marks matters and chances of getting placed is increased).

Now coming to my interview. After aptitude results were declared around 3 my interview was scheduled immediately after and I went to the panel around 4.30 pm. There were 3 panels and I went to the 3rd one. He was a middle aged man, maybe around 35.

Me(m) : May I come in sir ?

Interviewer(I) : Yes you may and have sit!

M: Good evening sir and Thank you !

I: Evening ! omg, what's the time ? (told). So it's 4 already. He was given tea by some guy and he offered me but I politely declined. Then he asked for my resume and studied it for sometime. Then asked me to introduce myself.
M: Told.

I: What is the difference between leader & manager?
M: Told.

I: Ok, so you have done project on j2ee. Say about it.
M: Told.

I: You have done hardware project also and also robotics being from cse. Speak upon it.
M: Told and also about the competitions I had won with them. Seemed impressed.

I: Ok so coming to your project you used dbms. What is dbms?
M: Told.

I: What exactly you used to implement it.
M: Told.

I: What is os why we need it.
M: Told.

I: Cross questions and about critical section and some more on threads and processes.
M: Write a c prog any to implement this process concept.

I: Did.
M: Tried to confuse me but I replied whatever I knew upon it.

I: Ok now take a string input and print it without printf.
M: Did but was not sure.

I: Cross questioned and I answered and then shifted to c++ and asked concepts from it.
M: Told and related it to java.

I: So tell about java all concepts and explain with examples of each one.
M: Did and gave each example and explained well.

I: Gave me a pointer expression and put sizeof() it and asked what will it give.
M: First I said it will give size then realise its a pointer so address and hence size of address which is 2 bytes.

I: So sure it's 2 bytes and some more cross questions.
M: Sure and answered all of them.

I: Ok so dbms now and asked from project.
M: Told but he was not satisfied and asked more and I kept on replying whatever you knew.

I: Ok tell about pre processor, macros and the stages that happens.
M: Told and explained well.

I: Ok it seems you have good theoretical knowledge on the technical related subjects but have to apply them more logically and I guess he was talking about those cases where he was not satisfied.
M: Ok sir definitely I will work on them.

I: So why Wipro.
M: Told and said a lot of things about them and their ceo.

I: Wow I don't know even all this. Just been working for 1 and half years. So any questions for me.
M: Yes sir, how does it feel to be working with Wipro. And if I get selected will I be placed under your team and will you guide me ?

I: Told and told as well.
M: Ok sir thank you.

I: Smiled and said I am done, I got up and he extended his hand and smiled and shaked hands with me and I knew from his body language that I am selected. My interview was around 40 mins or so.

After 1 hour or so I was called for the Hr round and I was only the 3rd person to be giving HR then. HR was a mam but very young. Around 27 maybe.

M: Mam, may I come in ?
H: Yes you may and have a sit.
M : Thank you mam and a good evening to you.

H : A very good evening to you as well and so give me your resume.
M: Handed over and she saw and saw my marks and said these are just great. Great marks and she was impressed :P.

H: So now tell me why you chose CSE?
M: Told.

H: Again seeing resume, so this robotics thing what is it.
M: Told and she seemed impressed.

H: The projects you did explain?
M: Explained.

H: Very well and you won prizes too that's impressive. So you are a social worker and some questions from it.
M: Said and also said how Wipro is also helping the organization where I am a volunteer.

H: She was now totally impressed and said she had no idea about these things and then asked why Wipro ?
M: Again said and also about their CEO and his works.

H: Yes our CEO is an amazing guy and you seem to know a lot. So tell me about your interests.
M: Told.

H: So why should we hire you?
M: Told speaking about my strengths.

H: About relocation any problem?
M: No and I love to travel so no problem.

H: Ok so any questions for me.
M: Yes what's the scope for me at Wipro and something about their CEO.

H: Said and smiled.
M: Ok mam and thank you.

H: So we are done and you can leave.
M: As I rose up saying thank you she said it was really nice meeting me and I just said likewise mam and left and then and there I knew well I am selected !

My HR was 15 to 20 mins duration and after that some 10 people went and the rest interviews including those of the non toppers was done on the next day.

After 5 days I got the mail from Wipro with the appointment letter and am selected ! : P.

So hardwork does pay indeed.

So now coming to the tips:

You need to practice the aptitude if you are not among the toppers and for any other company aptitude is needed as well so practice as much as you can, from RS Agarwal and IndiaBix. Practice for a month or so and you are ok. For technical study one subject (mine was dbms) and language (mine was C) thoroughly. For C study let us C and one week is enough for that and practice all codes from there and for dbms see tutorials point or any good book you have (I had Navathe) these 2 will take 2 weeks. Now for others you can give java/ds/os/networking and so on or your departmental ones. Study ds, java from tutorials point and you will get all the concepts. I did the same and took me 1 week and then finally I got placed. So 40-50 days preparation is what is needed to crack these interviews and first and foremost always stay positive and believe in yourself and trust me you will get it! Hope this helps and go crack the interview and all the best !

P.S: Try to impress the interviewers in some way or other. My case was I communicated pretty well with them and so try to improve your communication if you have any problem and if you don't then you are good to go !

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