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Wipro Technologies Interview Experience - Hyderabad, August 16, 2015

Posted By : Niharika Konduru Rating : +66, -4
I attended Wipro off campus drive for designation "Project Engineer" on Aug 1 2015. I am from CSE background. First round is written test. It's based on AMCAT platform. If we have reached the cutoff then a coding exam will be opened. My suggestion is to prepare aptitude from IndiaBix, M4maths and R.S. Agarwal. And then for coding you can prepare Reema Thareja (C lang book).

I got a mail on Aug 6 that you are selected and attend further rounds.

I attended my TR round on Aug 16.

Me : Good morning sir.

TR : Good morning. Introduced himself to me and asked me to introduce myself.

Me : Told.  (My suggestion is to talk for 5 min and it should not be like by hearing. Its very important so prepare and practice if you are not good at English).

TR : Tell me about your project.

Me : Told (Prepare about your project completely. They will ask whether you know your team members part. Because it shows the responsibility).

Whole TR had gone on project itself. How you managed your front end and back end? He even asked about my code. So it's better to prepare and that gives us confidence. He asked where you did project. I said in college with the help of our lecturers.

TR : On which platform you did your project.

Me : JSP as I am from CSE department.

TR : What's the difference between Java and JSP.

Me : Told.

TR : Tell me something about your PPT.

Me : Answered as I mentioned in resume.

TR : Do you have any questions?

Me : I asked.

Actually he makes me so comfortable to answer the questions. So I answered. Prepare what you mention in resume that makes you to feel confident. And at the time of answering questions it should not be like you are by hearten it should be like explaining the info what you know. Always keep smile in your face.

TR : Nice talking to you.

Me : Me too.

I was selected for TR. If you are confident no need of waiting for result. You will know whether you are selected or not. So if you even mention less technologies in resume. No problem. Better to be perfect what you mentioned in resume.

And I went for HR.

Me : Good morning sir.

HR : Good morning.

HR : He had a look in resume and asked why you have low percentage in B.Tech than tenth and inter. As I got 88 in inter and 82 in tenth and 76 in B.Tech.  (unexpected question so prepare what to say).

Me : My mind was blocked I don't know what to say. And said I mugged up in tenth and inter and coming to B.Tech I came to know how to study and how to talk with public.

HR : OK if you know how to study in B.Tech and you should have a good score in B.Tech. But why you didn't?

Me : Again blank. I said I participated in many college events and I put less concentration in my studies.  (I don't know what he thinks about my answer).

But keep smile in face. Even if you faced situations like this.

HR : What's your weakness?

Me : Told as I never go to next step until I was perfect in first step.

HR : Then how it could be your weakness. Where you observed?

Me : During exams I observed. My friend will be in 3rd and 4th chapters but still I will be in 1st chapter.

HR : So you have a weakness that you can't mange your time but why should Wipro take you?

Me: Again punch from HR. I said my friends even go to 4th or 5th chapter I can say that I can answer each and every question better than them and actually it's my strength and weakness too.  (Actually this point shows overconfidence. So I suggest you to tell some other but don't lie to him say truth because HR is very intelligent than us).

HR : He smiled and said smart.

Me : I don't know what expression should I give but felt little happy inside as he smiled and said smart.

HR : You mentioned that you got first and second prize for some events one is national and the other is college level. You considered your self by participating with local colleges or what. Which states participated in it?

Me: I said mostly North people. (Given some expression I don't know what he thinks about me).

HR : OK I will some topic and you should speak on it.

Me : I thought that I can manage and given some expression like I am ready and your question is late.

HR : Talk about what's are the steps to take to encourage ancient language.

Me : (I felt inside when will interview will over actually before interview I asked people who attended they said social networks and some general topic) again I don't know the topic and said for 1 min I think so. I said two sentences.

(I made a mistake I said one word with another word).

HR : What's that word?

Me : Immediately I corrected and said the sentence again and I think it's better to stop with the two sentences.

HR : That's it with the topic.

Me : I nodded my head.

HR : What's the difference between team player and team role?

Me : I confused and said one qualities with the other. (So think before you speak. I faced this problem as the interview is going seriously and not at all comfortable) the result is he confused. And thought that I don't know English.

HR : OK well tell me what happened on this day?

Me : I told each and every thing that I came on auto and the process and again chit chat with friends and everything. At least I felt want to speak about 3 to 4 min. Actually I make him visual what I did so be expressive at the moment of interview don't be sad until last.  (During process of explaining he was surprised that I know English as he thinks that I don't know even alphabets) but I felt happy that I impressed him some what.

HR : Started expressing some mistakes like past tense and present.

Me : l loses hopes. And thinking when will he leave this conversation.

HR : He checked system updates (every step up to TR will be updated) and said you really did great job.

Me : Again I don't know what expression should I give as it will be telling to each and every student.

HR : You done with your interview and took my resume and we will inform you with in 3 days.

Me : I said thanks and leave the place sadly like hanging my head to down. And walking after some distance he called me again with my name. I went near him.

HR : Can you relocate the place and why?

Me : Yes with slowly. (I don't know whether it is a sign that I selected or not).

HR : why?

Me : I said what slowly as I was depressed.

HR : He said nothing.

(Again I did mistake so I suggest you when they called or until you are in the moment of interview be active and confident and hear properly).

HR : Ok thanks you can go.

Me : I went normally I was analyzing why he called he started little hope that I will select. And raised my head and walked normally.

Waited waited and got the result through mail on Aug 24. I was selected. Even now I don't know whether I performed my HR well or not. But I thought that TR round saved me.

Happy for the news. And I suggest you to be confident and mainly in HR don't say any lies. They can easily caught and will make you watch how the hell will be. Only in the case of strict HR our fate depends whether he is strict or loose. So be at your best. I think this experience will help you.

All the best.

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