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WIPRO Interview Experience - AP IIIT RGUKT, R.K.Valley(Idupulapaya), January 11, 2015

Posted By : Suresh Vemannagari Rating : +246, -11
Hi friends. I'm SURESH Vemannagari, ECE department, from RGUKT-IIIT, R. K. Valley (Idupulapaya). Here I want to share my interview (WIPRO) experience. Because I think it may be helpful to the aspirants.

For us selection process of WIPRO consists of 5 stages.

1. Written Test.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Essay Writing.
4. Technical Interview.
5. HR interview.


It is of 4 sections.

1. English.
2. Quantitative aptitude.
3. Logical Reasoning.
4. Technical.

Written test is very easy if you manage time efficiently. To me I felt English a bit tough, because in my Question Paper I got 3 passages whereas others got 1 or 2 passages. I answered Synonyms and Antonyms based on eliminating the options. And some questions are sentence correction based on parts of speech, subject verb agreement, articles, etc.

Quantitative was very easy. R. S. Aggarwal is more than enough. And we have to have a firm grip on elementary school mathematics.

Logical Reasoning is also very easy. It contains questions based on number series, data sufficiency, theme detection, blood relations, directions.

Technical will be easy if you have basic knowledge on B-Tech 1st year subjects. Here questions are based on what is output of the given code snippet (C, C++) , Data Structures (Trees, Sorting, Searching, Queue, Stack, etc. ), DBMS (some SQL queries). So do a quick review on these.


We were divided into groups of 15 members for Group Discussion. Our GD topic was "Present situation of Agriculture in India compare to ancient days". I performed very well in GD. Immediately after GD, names were read there itself. I cleared GD.

In Group Discussion we have to present our own ideas which are not similar to others. Ideas should be real and practical. Try to discuss problem solving methods. It is no matter how our fluency is. It matters only how our presentation is. Try to maintain eye contact with all the candidates over there including panelist. Use gestures if possible to convey your thoughts.


Topic given to me was "Unity in Diversity - Often Discussed, Rarely Practiced". Time given to Essay Writing was 10 minutes. In Essay Writing first understand the topic given to you. Most of my friends, they did not understand the topic correctly. And Essay Writing is not for elimination.

After Essay Writing they given us a form to fill our details. They said that they use the form which we filled as medium to conversation between us and HR. Time given to fill the form was 15 minutes.


They said to come at 2 O'clock for the interview.

After having my lunch I went to Interview panel. I waited for 1 hour there. After my turn came.

ME: May I come in sir.

TR: Yes come in.
ME: Good Afternoon sir.

TR: Good afternoon. Take your seat.
ME: Thank you sir.

TR: What is there in the switches, is it AC or DC.
ME: DC (actually it is wrong).

TR: You are wrong, I think it is AC.
ME: No sir, I explained him by giving a reason.

TR:  (compromised with my answer).
TR: What is wavelength, what is frequency.
ME: Told in a way that he understood the difference very clearly.

TR: What is diode?
ME: Explained very clearly about Forward bias, Reverse Bias modes.

After that he was showering questions one after the other. It was like rapid fire. Some of those questions are.

TR: What is data?

What is Information?
Explain about data?
What is Database?
What is SQL?
What is MySQL?
What are the different levels in programming languages.
What is C?
What is C++?
Difference between C and C++?

I answered almost all the questions.

TR: Ok suresh tell me about yourself.
ME: Told.

In between.

TR: Then why you didn't choose CSE.
ME: I said an answer. He impressed.

TR: What is your minor.
ME: Mathematics.

TR: Explain about your Summer Internship.
ME: My summer Internship was about RFID Radio Frequency Identification. I explained him what task we did in internship, tools we used, applications of that project etc.

TR: What is the frequency range of Radio waves.
ME: Told.

TR: Then what is frequency range of Blue Tooth.
ME: Told.

After that he gave me a paper.

TR: Write a logic to print prime numbers upto 10.
ME: I started writing. 1st I didn't get even that also at that moment. Anyhow I wrote the code.

(I didn't noticed that my hands were shivering).

TR: Why your hands are shivering.
ME:  (I covered like this) Actually climate here is very cold sir compare to our campus.

TR: Then switch off that fan man. Be comfort.
ME: Thank you sir (I switched off the fan. And made myself comfort).

TR: Write code for swapping two variables.
ME: Wrote.

TR: Write code for swapping two variables without using 3rd variable.

ME: I wrote and explained by 2 numbers. He took my paper and observed the code. But he didn't get that. Again I explained with another 2 numbers, then he understood and smiled.

TR: Write code to print Fibonacci series.
ME: Will I have to print it from 0, 1 sir.

TR: Yes.
ME: Wrote. In that I used function fib().

TR: What is the difference between function and procedure?
ME: Told.

TR: Write a code to Check palindrome.
ME: Wrote.

TR: Write a code to check whether the entered year is leaf year or not?
ME: Wrote.

TR: Write a code to check Armstrong number.
ME: Wrote.

TR: Write a code to print reverse of a number?
ME: Wrote.

TR: Can you convert a integer into float.
ME: I told a way.

TR: It will give an error.
ME: Then I don't know sir.

TR: Ok suresh, You can leave now.
ME: I said Thank you. I was waiting in the waiting room for the results.

Immediately the volunteer came to our room and said that TR is calling me?

ME: Entered into room Excuse me sir.

TR: Will you work any where in India. Or Do you have any problem with the relocation.
ME: Ya. I will work any where.

TR: Ok suresh you can go.
ME: Thank you sir.

My Technical Interview took almost 45 50 minutes time. While I was waiting in waiting room volunteer came to the room and announced our TR results. My name is there. We were called for HR interviewAfter 2 members my turn came.

ME: May I come in sir.

HR: Ya. Come in.
ME: Good Afternoon sir.

HR: Good Afternoon, you are suresh right?
ME: Yes sir I'm suresh.

HR: Take your seat suresh.
ME: Thank you sir.

HR: Ok suresh, Tell me about yourself?

ME: Told about my native place, schooling, PUC, B-Tech, briefly about my family, my hobbies, my short term goal, long term goal, my strengths, He was still listening to me. Then I said My desire and how WIPRO is suitable to fulfill my desire and I finished by saying that's why I want to join in WIPRO.

HR: Again asked about my summer internship project.
ME: Explained briefly.

HR: Say about your family.
ME: Told.

HR: What are the things which you like about your college?
ME: Told.

HR: What are the things which you want to change about your college?
ME: Told.

HR: Thank you sir Suresh. All the best.
ME: Thank you sir.

Actually in the HR form which we filled before, there are two options like SELECT and REJECT. In my HR interview HR ticked on SELECT option in front of me there itself, and said ALL THE BEST to me.

In the Interview whether it is Technical or HR, be CONFIDENT and HONEST. If you don't know the answer say it frankly that you don't know. Behind every answer which you gave there should always be a logic. Then only even if your answer is wrong, you can compromise them.

On Jan 15th morning i.e. Sankranthi (Pongal) festival I have a phone call from my friend saying that I'm selected to WIPRO. Then I'm in my home. My family members are in the sky with happiness. Thank you god ALL THE BEST to you guys.

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