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Hi Friends

I m Kirti from ABES Engineering College .... finally selected in WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES And here is my experience which can motivate u... ( I m saying so bcoz I also got motivation by experiences of others)

The Pattern was same
VERBAL (English Section)        : 15 Questions
APTITUDE (Mathematics Section)  : 15 Questions
TECHNICAL (Computer Section)    : 20 Questions

Everyone say n I also read in previous papers that English Section is very tough n 2 clear it is must 2 go through GRE BARRONS.......

What I experienced is that only ur basics must be good, u should know proper use of tenses, verbs etc. and that sit. Just go through any grammar book n see active n passive, direct indirect speech,
Little of vocab.....
This what I did 4 English

4 Aptitude R.S .Aggarwal is sufficient

WIPRO is not very tough as others say it is........

I am topper of my College but selected after a long time approx 1 year from recruitment process start for our batch though late but got THE BEST

My 1st company.... INFOSYS cleared Written but was out in HR on 11th April 2006. Then BIRLA SOFT cleared Written out in GD

IFLEX not written even SATYAM, SYNTEL, US TECH not given exam NEC HCL SATYAM not written even Tata Power not written

And last came WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES.......4 which I was waiting eagerly

I had seen GRE BARRONS but finding it very tough and I was not having enough time so left on GOD only wat I did, read my 10th English grammer and that too not whole book but selected topics I have mentioned above.

4 apti gone through RS Aggarwal

As I m from EC so I knew only C language, read it from Yashwant Kanetkar and gone through previous papers of Wipro Tech. and left everything on GOD

Believe me if u hv not cleared any written or out in Interview don't think u cannot do WIPRO. Have firm faith in GOD, Do ur hard work and left everything on GOD if GOD is with u nobody can stop u..... Selection is all through GOD's blessing and ur luck.... ur part is very little, this adds only if 1st and 2nd are there.

After Written we were given presentation  In presentation HR manager asked about Wipro..... 2,3 student said something and I too said that it was wodld's largest R&D Service Provider..... In most of the questions asked by HR during Presentation I raised my hand as I knew very much about WIPRO (searched from net), this proved plus point 4 me in HR Interview.

Out of 160 appeared 4 written only 14 cleared, from my college


Sir : Tell me something about urself, about ur family, ur career goals, ur strengths
(All at once, I was prepared 4 this )

me : told name, college, aggregate of B.Tech,Achievements including scholarships about my strengths, then about father, mother sister as he asked about family and then for career goals I said "I want 2 work in a globally organized company where I an learn and grow myself and also use my acquired skills and education 4 the development of organization".

Sir :(as I m from EC but in resume he saw C language) how much u know about C?
Me: Sir I know u can ask questions.

Sir :I will give u situation                
Me: No problem Sir, give (confidently with smiling face)

Sir :gave situation that was program related to enabling user to enter particular program by giving user id and password if not correct give three chances after which lock the id.

Me :thinking very tough but not lost confidence and said smiling sir should I write whole program or Explain u through flowchart
Sir  :write algorithm

Me :prayed 2 GOD and started writing and explained to him He was satisfied then asked little more and came 2 Project
Sir : tell me about ur project
Me :explained

Sir : going through resume ur hobby solving puzzle let me ask u one puzzle.
Me :afraid little but said no problem Sir give me..

Sir  : gave puzzle
Me :was not able 2 solve at once, then he gave hint after which I solved it. But then he said it was not so easy that so fast u have done, he saw the puzzle and Said I am sorry I have given wrong puzzle, I said with a smiling face no problem sir give me again, I will do it, he again gave me, I solved it. after which he had given HR form 2 me 4 which I was waiting. Said thanks 2 him and came out.

My HR was taken by the person who had given presentation. As he was already impressed I was sure I will get through.....

Sir  : Do u know anyone working in WIPRO?
Me :No Sir

Sir  : then how do u know so much about Wipro?
Me :before one week I got 2 know WIPRO is coming for campus, so searched from net.

Sir  :Why WIPRO?
Me :Sir, I feel myself highly privileged that I m getting opportunity 2 being recruit in such a big company.

Sir  :why r u saying so?      
Me : Told all about WIPRO which I knew and also told about Mr.Azim Premzi that his belief, ordinary people can do extraordinary things inspires me most. Also told that WIPRO's one of the mantra's i.e. thoughtful and responsible exactly suits me and one more thing WIPRO's success is due 2 unbeatable hardwork and so was mine (I had also given example which proves above said things) He was very impressed by the answer.

Sir  U r from Ec u want 2 go 4 embedded system but v r not going to send u there then what will u do?
Me :No problem Sir, wherever u will send me I will go bcoz u will send me only there where I will perform best and if I m performing best and giving output 2 company, then I wont mind wherever u send me....

Sir : Ur %age in 10th n 12th in seventies and during B.Tech its so high n also u r a merit holder.why?
Me :gave genuine reason and also told that whatever my strengths are 2day is due the same reason

Sir  :tell me about ur area of weakness in which u want 2 improve from ur personal life
Me :Sir, I m little bit stubborn but alongwith that also told how I m improving myself 2 get rid of it.

Sir :you filled Bangalore ur 1st preference, why and we are not going to send u there?
Me :Sir I have chosen Bangalore bcoz I had always heard +ve review about the culture and environment of it. Sir u had asked 2 write pref. that's why I had written otherwise I don't have any problem, wherever u will  send me, I will go there.

Sir :Ok,thank u. U must be present when we will declare the result, I think u wont have any problem as u r a localite.
Me :no Sir I don't have any problem. I do wait. Said thanks and came out.

Result was announced at name was there...... I finally got selected... (out of 150 only 6 finally selected) So never loose hope

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