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Tech Mahindira Interview Experience - VSB Engg College, Karur&18/12/2013
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Tech mahindra visited our campus on 18th December 2013 and 47 students placed.

About 240 students attended the online test and 100 cleared 1 st round].

Round 1 :

It was a written Test with 170 bits - time 80 Min with.

(English - 100 marks, General Aptitude - 70 marks).
Cut-off - 100 marks (English 60 marks and GA 40 marks).

Paper will be easy but mainly we have to focus on English and Logical reasoning.

English - 100 marks.

1. Articles.
2. Prepositions.
3. Synonyms & Antonyms.
4. Passage.
5. Tenses.
6. Sentence construction.
7. Confusable words.
8. Subject - Verb Agreement.

These 8 topics plays a very important role guys. So.

Just concentrate on Articles, prep, tenses and sentence construction then automatically you can cover remaining topics.

First try to complete this and answer every question because there is no negative marks.

General Aptitude:

1. Numerical Aptitude (Only 15 bits - don't waste more time just by practicing these. Refer are. S Agarwal, Quantitative aptitude book) :.

- Clocks.
- Calendars.
- Partnership.
- Profit and loss.
- Ages.
- Simple interest and Compound interest.
- Ratios and proportions.
- Boats and streams.
- Time and distance.

2. Reasoning - verbal, non-verbal logical (Mainly concentrate on this - 35+20 bits) :.

- Blood relations.
- Numbers series.
- Letter series.
- Odd man out.
- Letter analogy.
- Syllogism.
- Puzzle test.
- Coding and decoding.
- Data sufficiency.
- Classification.
- Directions test.
- Series - (diagrams).

If you have a good time management you can easily clear the test.

My Technical interview :

A technical Expert from the company interview you, so please careful with the answers.

I am from Electrical domain, the questions are.

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Questions from my area of interest.
3. Project.
4. Basics of electrical, electronics.
5. Questions from oops.

By God's grace I cleared this & went to HR.

My HR interview:

1. Tell me about your parents.
2. Describe about my native.
3. Tell me about your college.

Be careful in your communication, they will check only your ability to speak. Try to avoid and, the. So. Then etc while you speak.
Answer to the questions with a smile and try to hide your nerviness.

That's all.

Try to prepare good resume because it plays a very impt role in your selection.

Good Luck.

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