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TECH MAHINDRA LTD - Aditya Institute of Technology and Management, Jan 6th 2014
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Hi guyz ,
This is krishcdbry.

Tech Mahindra had came to our campus on 6th Jan. Nearly, 400 students participated in the drive only 38 students cleared the written test and 24 got placed
and I'm one of those.

Written test is very very important and concentrate on time management. English plays a major role.

Then essay writing - (Not for elimination just for checking written communication)
meanwhile we have to give (B.Tech marks memos up to 3-2, 10th, inter, written essay paper, resume, college ID cards xerox).

Now interviews, Both Technical and HR

CSE guys should concentrate on C and JAVA.

Should be able to explain basic concepts and should be able to write programs in c - like  Fibonacci , Factorial , Prime , Palindrome , Armstrong in C or Java.  

Mainly concentrate on pointers and structures concept.

For remaining branches just read the basic of C and small programs and you have to thorough with basic concepts  of your Core.

Career objective should be accurate, long term goals, strengths and weaknesses, Tell me about yourself etc.

why you want to join in software industry?(sure question for non-cse guys).

Please go through some websites for this common interview questions and try to justify them by explaining a situation in your life.

Written test.

3 rounds:

Round 1 :  

Written Test
170 bits -  time 80 Min
(English - 100 marks , General Aptitude - 70 marks)
Cut-off - 110 marks (English 60 marks and GA 50 marks)
Paper will be easy but mainly we have to focus on English and Logical reasoning.

English -   100 marks.

1. Articles.
2. Prepositions.
3. synonyms & Antonyms.
4. Passage.
5. Tenses.
6. Sentence construction.
7. confusable words.
8. Subject - Verb Agreement.

These 8 topics plays a very important role guys.

Just concentrate on Articles , prep , tenses and sentence construction then automatically u can cover remaining topics.

General Aptitude.

1. Numerical Aptitude (Only 15 bits - don't waste time just by practicing these ):

- Clocks
- Calenders
- Partnership.
- Profit and loss
- Ages
- Simple interest and Compound interest
- Ratios and proportions
- Boats and streams
- Time and distance

2. Reasoning - verbal , non-verbal logical (Mainly concentrate on this -  35+20 bits):
- Blood relations.
- Numbers series.
- Letter series.
- Odd man out.
- Letter analogy.
- Syllogism.
- Puzzle test.
- Coding and decoding.
- Data sufficiency.
- Classification.
- Directions test.
- Series - (diagrams).

Most important step is to complete this written test.

Then essay writing very easy just concentrate on sentence construction and try to write something different.

My interview HR :

1. Tell me about yourself -  I explained.

2. Tell me about your strengths -  smart working nature , adaptability , friendly nature , able to work under tough conditions.

3. Whats the difference between smart and hard work -  smart work contains 80% logic and 20% physical work, whereas hard work contains 80% physical work and 20% logic.

4. Phases of Software development life cycle - inception, elobrations, construction and transition.

5. Different types of sorting techniques - quick, radix, merge, bubble etc..

6. Long term goal -  To play a major role in the development of IT Sector of our india(This is the answer where he impressed a lot).

That's all.

But guyz I had only HR interview because my resume is very very strong and it shows that I'm Technically very strong.  (with 4 big projects, 15 awards and achievements form all curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and 10 activities and participation's in all national level, college level, social participation).

If you have projects and achievements then no need of technical but if not please be prepared for technical and get thorough with all basic concepts in C and Java.
So don't expect only HR please.

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