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Tech Mahindra - Hyderabad, Aug 26, 2013
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Hi friends,

I attended TECH MAHINDRA interview.
From this site and interview experiences of some people helped me.
TechM come to my college for recruitment.

Written test:

It is very easy if you prepare english, logical related bits, reasoning form this site is enough for that.

Technical round:

Interviewer will ask your interested subjects from that only they will ask.

Be confident.

I told C, C++, Oracle.

He asked.

Enum, extern, pointer related functions, normalizations (5 types) , PK, Composite primary key, diff between PK and FK, How many keys are allowed in composite PK,

If we want to allocate memory for pointer then what function we will use, syntax.

If we want to free the memory space allocated for pointer then what functions we can use.

I remember above questions.

HR round:

Generally in this they see our confidence level.

Some questions asked me are those I remember.

1. Tell me your family background.

2. How can you manage your family members if you are relocated.

3. Are you ready to give 2 years service agreement.

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