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Tech Mahindra - Andhra pradesh, June 2013.
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Hello young engineering graduates.

I attended tech mahindra recruitment in our campus, as techM visited our campus after 3 months of completion of my B-Tech graduation, we were very eager and also understood scenario of Graduates facing problems for job, so we were very passionate to get in techM.

Around 9.00 am, techM recruiting chief person addressed PPT about techM and even mentioned.

About rounds very briefly and clearly.

Round 1: Aptitude. Its an online test.

170 questions (100 eng+70 apti) ==== 80 min.

But mostly given from eng part, I think different paper for one to another, or for someone same.

Questions jumbled.

Totally around 160 members attended,

40 got selected for next round.

2: Technical round.

Asked about our project, c programs like factorial, fibonacci series, palindrome, basic concepts,

Mostly asked about what we wrote on our resume. So be sure of what you gonna write.

3: HR round.

Mainly observing our interest about job, confidence levels and body language.

Finally 20 were got selected, I'm one among them,

What I want 2 say you is practice english (analogies, verbs, articles, prepositions error sentence) and.

Go through online mock tests that gives good time management, even boosts your confidence.

Some aptitude questions repeated from previous papers so once check all models.

Good luck. And in any stage whatsoever it may be don't lose your hope.

Your hope and belief in yourself gives you more power to get your dream come true.

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