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Tech Mahindra Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Pattern
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Company Name : Tech Mahindra
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Interview: March 2010
Rounds: 4

Round 1: Aptitude

Round 2: Technical
OS layers, Kernel, difference between SQL Server 2000 and 2005,questions on  favourite subject...

Round 3:Technical
DBMS concepts, normalization, OOPS concepts,favourite subject...

Round 4:HR
Tell @ urself,@ company, hobbies, achievements, weakness, will relocate?...

The HR Team at Tech Mahindra is very friendly. Just be confident, Thorough with  your basics and favorite subject, Language basics and your bound to crack the  Interview. All The Best!

No of Rounds :
  Aptitude Test,   Technical Round-1,   Technical Round-2  
Location : Pune
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