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TCS Interview Pattern (Kolkata)
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TCS Interview Pattern (Kolkata)

E.C.E. from Narula Institute of Tech. Kolkata. We had our first campus drive on February, 28th in the form of TCS. This was the first campus for 2009 pass-out batch and post-graduate students.

We had to report at 8:30 sharp on the day. As the day had lot of surprise and mystery involved in it...we all wished that each of our friends get the job.  The recruiters arrived by 9'o clock. We had a Pre Placement Talk which lasted for about 2 hours. About 219 students sat for the test and 189 of us could finally crack the aptitude test.

Friends! It was an online exam and the question paper was average if u have groomed ur preparation as per the postings of students in Freshersworld. There were 3 sections:

A- Verbal (32 questions 20 mins)
B- Quantitave (38 questions 40 mins)
C- Comprehension and critical reasoning (12 questions 30 mins)

THERE WAS NO NEGATIVE MARKING/SECTIONAL CUT_OFF : Verbal portion consisted of 10 synonyms 12 antonyms and 10 questions from RC (small paragraphs) It's better to leave the preparation of synonyms and antonyms as they r always a tuf-nut. Give a wild guess to them. Regarding Quantitave portion, i would say most of them were repeated and some had figures changed, but there were 90% common questions..

For the Comprehension portion , Barrons 12th edition can be considered as "GEETA".Mug up all the answers of Model Test 1-5,they will be just a repetition in the paper. At places some names r just changed. "U can take my words for it" Now regarding mah interview....It was a  (Technical+HR) round...My turn came at 8:30PM  

HR :  Come in . Me: Good Evning panel members(there were 2 of them)
Me: May i have a seat please?
HR :  Yes,please!
HR :  So, Priyansh! where r u from?
Me: Answered..
HR :  O! dat's a lovely place ,isn't it?
Me: Indeed,it is.
HR :  Describe urself.
Me: Answered
HR : Which portion u r more prepared with..
Me: Comm. and Microprocessor (8085) and C
HR : Asked all sorts of applied parts of Analog Electronics (AM,FM,Shannon Hartley,application based 10 questions)
Me: Answered about 60% satisfactorily,say whatever u feel to say..confidently..they watch u every moment..
HR :  What is ur +ve point?
Me: Answered.
HR : Asked some C questions...I answered (He showed as if i was a duffer and knew nothing..but don't go by dat..that's also a test)
HR : Describe a situation where u faced a challange in ur life?
Hr:Are u a team player?what about working in isolation ?
Me:Answered in the best possible way.
HR : U r given a job which u won't be able to do alone but then u hav to do it all by urself;what will be your approach?
Me: Answered
HR: Are u mobile? Me: Yes. ok! thank u ..u may leave..I said thanks! and then left off! Few days after out results came and 130 emerged victorious...amongst them I was also there.

((Techincal Round-2))

Wishing All ASPIRANTS all d best! U Hav it in u to be a TCSiian!.............

Contributor Name : Priyanshu
Location : Kolkata

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