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TCS Off-Campus Recruitment Pattern | Infrastructure Management (Bangalore) : 2010
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TCS Off-Campus Recruitment Pattern | Infrastructure  Management (Bangalore) : 2010

Company Name: TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

  Held in REVA College, Bangalore on 15 July 2010 POST: Assistant Systems Engineer CTC : 3,15,000 Location : Bangalore Contributor Name : Arun J  
Total : 5 Rounds

1. Quantitative Aptitude
2. GD
3. Technical
4. Managerial
5. HR

1. Quantitative Aptitude: Its just quantitative aptitude, no verbal..  35 questions 60 minutes..ONLINE test with Negative marking. Solutions to most of  the Questions are kinda easy, but some of the questions are lengthy.. So here is  the strategy, Just attempt all the easy questions in the first go.. Skip the  questions that your unable to answer, u can always get back to the questions..  Make sure that u attempt atleast 18-20 questions correctly outta 35, Cut off is  around 18 only.. So 18-20 questions right,, ur through 1st round.. some the  problems were based on age, ratio proportion, blood relationship.. Dont kinda  remember some of the questions:

1. A hunter leaves his cabin early in the morning and walks one mile due  south. Here he sees a bear and starts chasing it for one mile due east before he  is able to shoot the bear. After shooting the bear, he drags it one mile due  north back to his cabin where he started that morning. What color is the bear?

The answer is white...
2. Some jumbled word given, find out what it is.. It was a BIRD called PARAKEET

2. GD

Normal group discussion..
They might give a topic individually and ask u to speak for a minute..
They CHECK Communication Skill Here...So speak fluently..

The topic given to me was Infrastructure Management and the color white..

3. Technical

Study basics of networking.. OSI model, switches, routers, IP, other protocols  .. Might ask about trouble shooting, few questions related to that...
Bit on database, not the sql part, ide/ SATA cable etc..Just the basics..
How to set the IP address of a computer?

1) Go to Start and click on Control Panel.
2) Control Panel window will appear. Double click on Network Connections.
3) Network Connections window will appear. Right click correct Local Area  Connection by identifying correct network card and click Properties.
4) Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Click on Properties. Set IP
Be Confident

4. Managerial
Here they will ask about your projects, the role played by u..
They might shoot many questions @ u, just to see your reaction.. So answer one  by one calmly and confidently.
They might ask how will u manage stress n stuff..

5. HR
Dont think anybody gets eliminated in this round..
Here they tell you about the job profile.
Training anywhere, Job location anywhere in india..
Night shifts might also be there..
U gotta agree to all..

Well... tats pretty much it... Hope this Helps You... All the best.. See you @  TCS :)

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